Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hi :) recent update and other stuff...

Hi Hi Hi..
I know I am out of the blogger world and even instagram world for a while…. thats because... I am pregnant again! Well, I know thats not the excuse but this pregnancy is more difficult than my first one.  I just want to lay in bed and do nothing! And my hormone is like crazy... Anyway I am currently 34 weeks and my due day is March 3. So I am almost done. Hopefully I will do more posts after the baby.

As I said this pregnancy is driving me crazy (and my husband too)…I have being looking for a away to calm myself down…my mom told me to wear jade. My mom is a true believer of Feng Shui and all that stuff. Since nothing worked so I started wearing more natural stone made jewelry. I can't say it's not working but it is kinda magical. And I feel like I need to share this… So I opened a Etsy store selling natural stone bracelet and necklace! If you want to check it out:

Any way I hope I will be back soon… I haven't logged into my blogger account for a while and I just found out I have over 230000 views…THANK YOU for the love!


Here are some products:

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