Monday, July 08, 2013

MAC Tropical Taboo Adored, Simmer, Time to Tango and Orpheus

Google has been a B****h to me. They sent me a email saying I need to renew my domain, when I click through the link, instead ofd sending me to the purchase link, it sent me to like a signing in website, it is so confusing! So I tried with every single email and password combo I could use but nothing worked. So I called google, I couldn't even find a costumer service number! But finally I found a like the good wallet number, when I called, of course they didn't know what I was talking about, and I ask her if you can transfer me to someone knows the problem she said she can't help me... WTF?! So I don't know what to do now... that's why I have't been updating my blog because I may lose everything on here. I HATE google. 

On to the makeup. I alway get mac from Norstrom Website because I can get points from MYPOINTS.COM to get gift card. I didn't pick out too many from this collection but I think I need more...

MAC Tropical Taboo Mineralize Skinfinishes
 i really like this MSF. I love the sheen in this powder. On my face it doesn't look too red if i use all over my face. I do notice I can't use this under my eyes it will make my under eye looks dry for some reason.

MAC Tropical Taboo Simmer Mineralize Blushes
This blush is super pigmented! I do prefer the overall color, it is a shimmery pink. It also last pretty long my me. I think this is the prettiest out of the three. The texture is a bit powdery.

MAC Tropical Taboo Time to Tango Mineralize Eyeshadows
I absolutely love the color. Normally I don't wear silver because I don't look good on silver. This color has a purple tint to it so it makes it so wearable for me. It also has a little bit gold in it to make the color a bit warmer. The thing with this color is a need to use a too faced glitter glue under it if I use it dry. If I don't the color will get chalky and lose its pigmentation in like a few hrs.

MAC Orpheus Kohl Power Eye Pencil 
This color is such a beauty.  i would describe the color deep brown with a metallic gold sheen. It is very Unique. This is my first Kohl eye pencil from MAC. I used on my lower lash line and it lasts about 5 hrs without smudging which is ok... The texture is not too soft but not like hard to use.

- Orpheus - Adored - Simmer - Simmer - Simmer -

- Time to Tango -

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