Monday, June 17, 2013

Flower Beauty Shadow Play Eye Shadow Quad EQ4 Smoke & Mirrors

We all heard about flower beauty, Drew Barrymore's makeup line for Walmart. This brand's quality  claims to be just as good as high end beauty but at a affordable price. I tried a foundation stick, a lip butter and a single cream eyeshadow. I don't really care for the eyeshadow or the foundation, but I love the lip butter. It is not too pigmented but gives my lip the right amount of coverage. It  is also moisturizing. The texture is not as soft but i don't like soft lip butter anyway.

Flower Shadow Play Eye Shadow Quad - $9.98 -0.21oz/6g
I bought it in store, and it is a bit more expensive. The packaging is quite cute. It shapes like a a flower. The shadows looks hard but they are quite soft but not chalky. On the to pigmentation, They are just ok. I really like the highlight color. I was excited about the darkest color but on eyes it just looks black. There is no sparkle or anything. i like the two blending colors, they have the right texture for blending in between highlight color and eyelid colors. They did last all day without creasing but I used a black base and a primer. This makeup line is quite interesting to me i think i will keep trying new things from them. Oh... I really don't think these shadows are as good as high end shadows... but still decent. It's definitely worth the price.

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