Monday, April 29, 2013

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor Fuchsia Flash and Vibrant Mandarin

I got two colors from the new maybelline vivids. I tend to not get too many bright colors because I have a lot of them and I really don't need more lipsticks... but I can't resist the colors! I want all of them but I ONLY got three. I thought about getting electric orange but I think that color would look weird on me.

- Fuchsia Flush - Vibrant Mandarin -
- Fuchsia Flush - Vibrant Mandarin -

- Fuchsia Flush -

- Vibrant Mandarin -

Fuchsia Flash is a cool-tone fuchsia. VM is a bright red-ish Coral.
Both colors are bold, pigmented, and full coverage.
Both colors are soft and creamy. really easy to apply.
As most of the Maybelline lipsticks on me. They don't dry out my lips but they do get dry after about three hrs of wearing. The good thing is both colors don't make my lips chip.
around 5 hrs. They don't stain after I took them off.

 - Fuchsia Flush - Vibrant Mandarin -

MAC Silly - Fuchsia Flush - Vibrant Mandarin - Maybelline Shocking Coral -
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