Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Maybelline Color Goes Electric limited collection Coral Burst Blush

Hi everyone :) I have a lot of pictures need to be edited so I can post on my blog but I am just been lazy... I am using Instagram for some EOTD and some swatches now so I will not post any EOTD for now. Follow me @Katherine0818 or click me to view on your computer :). I use my phone to take all the pictures so it is a lot more convenient than using my camera.

On to the blush...I have seen the new maybelline limited edition display like everywhere...but this blush is sold out almost everywhere I visited. I found mine at BB&B I am sure this is still around so if you like this blush you better act quick.

The color reminds me a lot of  NARS taj mahal. But better. It is so pigmented! I used once then I realized I need to use a stippling brush to get the desire look. Another thing is it stains... After my swatch I tried to use wipes to wipe of but it didn't come off... it is an amazing color and it will look good during summer. I think this color will look better for darker skintone.

Thanks for looking!

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