Thursday, April 04, 2013

M·A·C 'Fashion Sets' Embrace Me, Silly, and Heroine

Where can I start... I am not one of those girls that believe in "Hype". Most of the things I like may not be the ones that most people like. But I just have to try Mac's Fashion sets! I don't wear bright colors that often. I don't wear purple. I don't wear lip gloss .. Well the three thing I chose from this collection says I now trying them all...

 - M·A·C 'Fashion Sets' Lipstick Silly -

-  M·A·C 'Fashion Sets' Lipstick Heroine -

- M·A·C 'Fashion Sets' Tinted Lipglass Embrace Me -

- Silly - Heroine - Embrace Me -

I like the formula! I hated Mac lipstick before. I am still hating them(all the ones I bought before)...did they change the formula? It glides on so smoothly without using anything under. Reminds me a lot of Revlon moon drop(Creme ones). Of course this is matte finish but it jut doesn't make my lips look dry at all! The color is a hot pink, definitely.It is bright but not over the board. It is not a crazy color that you cant wear for going out.

Sorry my out lips looks so red(I swatched a lot of things today for my future blog post! yea I am trying to catch up!)... this is a purple with red undertone. I did some research on this color before I bought it. I didn't think it will look good on me, but I bought it anyway...I was wrong. The color actually doesn't that bad on me! I love it has a red undertone so it makes it more wearable and suitable for a lot of skintones. This shade is not dry either. The formula just likes Sally.

Embrace Me
This is a lip glass. The last time I purchased a MAC lip glass was four years ago... not a pleasant experience with that one. I can tell they definitely improved a lot with the lipglass. It is very pigmented.  The color doesn't bleed out. It is thick but in a good way. It doesn't look Fuchsia on my lips, more just a deep hot pink type thing. 

I love all three things I got! I am sad that most of them are sold out online. I get my Heroine at I remember I checked several times on their mac page but it poped out at the new arrival first. It sold out so fast(I say less than five hrs... even less because I placed the order then I check that afternoon it was gone)! I definitely want to try more MAC now because they improved a lot with their formula.

 - MAC Silly -

 - MAC Heroine -

- MAC Heroine -

- MAC Embrace Me -

Thanks for looking!

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