Friday, April 12, 2013

M·A·C 'Extra Dimension' Zestful, Flaming Chic, and Double definition

MAC's extra dimension is very well known because of the quality, but I never tried anything from this line. This season pastel color is a big thing, so I picked out a pastel eyeshadow from the new extra dimension line. I was expecting some thing pigmented, smooth, and long lasting. 

It is a light blueish iridescent golden green color. It is a pastel. I don't use pastel color too often but when I did my search the color is quite special to me. And this is the only color that caught my eyes. It doesn't swatch very well but I don't really care because there are some eyeshadows don't swatch well but still look pretty on eyes. So I tried on my eyes today... it is really chalky and just not pigmented enough. The color washes out fast too. I know it is a pastel color but it just doesn't meet my exception.

Flaming Chic
how pretty it looks from the pan! But this color is not pigmented at all. I think I layered at least 4 layer to get the pigmentation in the picture. Also, I tried on my face... the color just doesn't show up. I don't think my skin tone is too dark for this color, it is just not pigmented. I layered about five layered on my cheeks, so finally there was a little color showing up. It doesn't last long tho... about three hours. For $25 I definitely expect more than this!

Double Definition
I don't get the skinfinish thing but I used the darker color to contour, and the lighter color to hightlight. Surprisingly it works very well even the colors are not matte(I don't care if my contour color has shimmer in it). I also tried all over my face with two color combine. it adds a glow to my face but it is not oily looking. It does swatch pigmently.

Overall I don't care for the eyeshadow and the blush. The skinfinish is nice but not a mush have. MAC for me is really either hit or miss..

Thanks for looking :)
Did you get anything from this line?

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