Thursday, April 04, 2013

Cnanel Taboo

Long time no see :) Google is pissing me off about the whole google reader thing. I was gonna stop doing my blog but I have this blog for so long I just don't want to quit(normally, I like to quit things..) So I decide to come back.
Because I know I wil never stop buying makeup! haha

So this is a new shade from Chanel. I got at Nordstrom for $27. I was excited because I need (want?) a red with a lot of sparkles. I couldn't find one because a lot of them are either too red with tiny bit of sparkle or just too sparkle that washes off the red color.

Ok yeah... from what you can see this is not a red... it is purple... why it looks red in the bottle? I don't know. I mean I can see there is red sparkles in it but the bottle looks red! I didn't try it on my finger nails but I tried on my toes nails. The color dries kinda matte, or should I say semi matte. I like my polish to be sparkle... this is not like that. The coverage is good, you can just use one coat but the picture above I used two. I don't really care for this shade alone. I need a shinny top coat to make the sparkle sparkle!
Still looking for a red...

Thanks for looking!

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