Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Favorites

Monthly favorites time! Can you tell I am really trying to keep up with my blog? lol

MAC Face and Body Foundation N2: Light and build-able coverage. Full review right here.

It Cosmetics Anti-Aging Celebration Foundation Light Medium: Full coverage. Last about 5 hrs on me. I like to use a flat brush to apply. When applying dry it didn't work out for me.

MAC Shape the Future Extra Dimension Skinfinish: Such a pretty color! From the pan it looks red and chalky but it is actually just wamn color and the powder is very fine. I use the darker color to contour and the light color to highlight. Some times combine the two color as blush. It works beautifully with different looks.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer: I hit pan on my Too Faced one so I started using this. It is slightly lighter but it is build-able. I contour pretty heavy and it works perfect for me.

E.L.F. Studio Blush Mellow Mauve: The color is not pigmented but I just like the shine. It doesn't look oily on the face but a natural highlight. I like to use this top with other colors, too.

LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Primer: one of the Best primer I ever tried. Very comparable to TFSI. It is slightly drier than TFSI but the shadows blend easier on top of this than using TFSI. I don't like the tube design because when you use it you need to wipe a little on you brush or your finger, and it makes the extra product stays around the surface of the hole. If you don't wipe off it gets dry just looks messy.

NYX Single eyeshadow Hawaiian Coffee: My blending color. It is stain finish but when it blends out it looks matte and natural.

L.A. Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow Liner 401 Sea Shells: Works so much better than NYX jumbo pencil. I use this as a base and it makes my colorful shadow look so vibrant. The texture is creamy and soft.

Stila Cosmetics Countless Color Pigments Tie Dye: The new stila shadows are just amazing... I couldn't help myself to keep getting more and more. This is the first color I got and it is amazing! The colors are satin finish but so pigmented. I have another color light show reviewed here.

Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara: I love Dior mascara. If they are not so expensive I would just use them for the rest of my life. This one curls my lashes so well and last about 10 hrs. It even helps my short bottom lashes showing up!

Too Faced Juicy Melons La Creme Lipstick: Very pretty watermelon color. It looks more like a pink on my lips. The texture is thick but comfortable.

MAC Silly Lipstick: First MAC lipstick I actually love! I even bought two backups! It is a cool tone matte pink. But on lips it is more just a satin finish. The good thing is it doesn't dry out my lips at all. I use this color with smokey eye and natural eye looks.

Flower Lip Service Lip Butter LB2 Tempting Tulip: in the tube it looks pink but it is not quite pigmented. On lips it is very sheer. It wears so comfortable and just feels like butter.

Maybelline Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color: This is a super bright color! I love how comfortable it wears on lips.

Missha The Style Glow Tint Balm SPF18 Vital Pink: I use this every single day... It is quite sheer but it is the most moisturizing lip product I have every used. Plus it works fast. If I forgot to put lip-balm during the night time, this is a life saver. I just use this before I put makeup on. By they time I need to apply my lipsticks I just simply wipe it off and my lips suddenly become moisturizing. I tried so many other products, some of them works just as good but none of them works as fast.

Buxom Big & Healthy™ Lip Stick Sydney: One of my favorite nude color. It is more pinkish so it doesn't look dead when I use it. It is slightly dry but it is workable with a lip balm.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor Fuchsia Flash and Vibrant Mandarin

I got two colors from the new maybelline vivids. I tend to not get too many bright colors because I have a lot of them and I really don't need more lipsticks... but I can't resist the colors! I want all of them but I ONLY got three. I thought about getting electric orange but I think that color would look weird on me.

- Fuchsia Flush - Vibrant Mandarin -
- Fuchsia Flush - Vibrant Mandarin -

- Fuchsia Flush -

- Vibrant Mandarin -

Fuchsia Flash is a cool-tone fuchsia. VM is a bright red-ish Coral.
Both colors are bold, pigmented, and full coverage.
Both colors are soft and creamy. really easy to apply.
As most of the Maybelline lipsticks on me. They don't dry out my lips but they do get dry after about three hrs of wearing. The good thing is both colors don't make my lips chip.
around 5 hrs. They don't stain after I took them off.

 - Fuchsia Flush - Vibrant Mandarin -

MAC Silly - Fuchsia Flush - Vibrant Mandarin - Maybelline Shocking Coral -

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Stila Countless Color Pigments Light Show

Stila had 50% off last week. I got some new stuff from them. I have another color from this line(Tie dye), it is so pretty! So I decided to get more colors. Well, I can't pass on green...

- Stila Countless Color Pigments Light Show -

 - Stila Countless Color Pigments Light Show -

-  Stila Countless Color Pigments Light Show -
Stila Website:
Introducing Stila’s NEW innovative Countless Color pigments in a beautiful and exclusive, first-to-market formula. Each pan is a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind piece of art, created with vibrant pigments and handmade using a proprietary pressing and baking process. Use your creativity and let your imagination run wild.
There are endless ways to apply… use each of the three shades individually, blend two shades that are side by side for custom colors, swirl a brush in a circular motion to create one pop shade or swipe the brush across the product to create a unique multi-shade streaked effect.
Use fingers or a foam tip applicator for intense payoff. It is not recommended to use this product wet. Features & Benefits: Endless color combinations in each pan No two Countless Color Pigments are alike Full coverage, pearl formula Long-wearing Vibrant, color-matched compact

The mix color is a greenish blue.
This one is very pigmented! Especially the darker blue.
For some reason the green is kinda hard. I don't know if it's just mine. My green color is covered with a coat hard finish. I have to scratch off  the surface to get to the bright green. The other two colors are soft and easy to apply.
Satin - pearl.
I warn for 10 hrs without fading and smudging. I did use eye primer.

- Stila Countless Color Pigments Light Show -

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Next Up: April Favorites

I know I have been lacking posts since the beginning of this year... I am just lazy... I have a lot of thing to review but I end up using them first...Most of the things are new, several old favorites. Coming Soon!

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MAC Face and Body Foundation

Finally! I got my prefect lighting! Hope you guys like it :) I got a couple NEW followers on Bloglovin, Well, don't be shy! Say hi to me please!

I have been thinking about getting this foundation for a longtime. Even long before they changed the packaging. I didn't get it because I was afraid I couldn't use it up because it was 120 ml(33). Then they down sized to 50ml but the price didn't go down that much. I don't care too much because I think compare to other MAC foundations it is not expensive. 
BTW do you guys know MAC is makeup art cosmetics? I didn't know lol.

Nordstrom website:
A fluid foundation that provides low-to-medium buildable coverage and a flawless, natural satin-shine finish. Skin conditioning, water-resistant and long-wearing.
1.7 oz. ($27)
By M·A·C.

I got this foundation a while ago now I am already half way through. I have to say I love this foundation. I use this as daily foundation since the day I got it. I got the color N2 which is warm. The Satin finish can give dry skin a really glowy look and it won't look too bad for oily skin because it is watery not oily. I always shake before use, and when I use it I like to use a flat foundation brush. I tried with sponge but the sponge will absorb too many product, so I end up wasting a lot of foundation. Again, this foundaition is the most liquity foundation I have ever used. My skin is really oily lately so I have to powder every 5 hrs. The foundation along with my normal skin can last 8 hrs on me. Overall I am pleased with this foundation. I think it is a must have for MAC lovers.

 - MAC Face and Body N2 - Revlon Nearly Naked 130 - Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk 4.75 -

- MAC Face and Body N2 - Revlon Nearly Naked 130 - Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk 4.75 -

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 I am trying to update my blog more often...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Maybelline Color Goes Electric limited collection Coral Burst Blush

Hi everyone :) I have a lot of pictures need to be edited so I can post on my blog but I am just been lazy... I am using Instagram for some EOTD and some swatches now so I will not post any EOTD for now. Follow me @Katherine0818 or click me to view on your computer :). I use my phone to take all the pictures so it is a lot more convenient than using my camera.

On to the blush...I have seen the new maybelline limited edition display like everywhere...but this blush is sold out almost everywhere I visited. I found mine at BB&B I am sure this is still around so if you like this blush you better act quick.

The color reminds me a lot of  NARS taj mahal. But better. It is so pigmented! I used once then I realized I need to use a stippling brush to get the desire look. Another thing is it stains... After my swatch I tried to use wipes to wipe of but it didn't come off... it is an amazing color and it will look good during summer. I think this color will look better for darker skintone.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, April 12, 2013

M·A·C 'Extra Dimension' Zestful, Flaming Chic, and Double definition

MAC's extra dimension is very well known because of the quality, but I never tried anything from this line. This season pastel color is a big thing, so I picked out a pastel eyeshadow from the new extra dimension line. I was expecting some thing pigmented, smooth, and long lasting. 

It is a light blueish iridescent golden green color. It is a pastel. I don't use pastel color too often but when I did my search the color is quite special to me. And this is the only color that caught my eyes. It doesn't swatch very well but I don't really care because there are some eyeshadows don't swatch well but still look pretty on eyes. So I tried on my eyes today... it is really chalky and just not pigmented enough. The color washes out fast too. I know it is a pastel color but it just doesn't meet my exception.

Flaming Chic
how pretty it looks from the pan! But this color is not pigmented at all. I think I layered at least 4 layer to get the pigmentation in the picture. Also, I tried on my face... the color just doesn't show up. I don't think my skin tone is too dark for this color, it is just not pigmented. I layered about five layered on my cheeks, so finally there was a little color showing up. It doesn't last long tho... about three hours. For $25 I definitely expect more than this!

Double Definition
I don't get the skinfinish thing but I used the darker color to contour, and the lighter color to hightlight. Surprisingly it works very well even the colors are not matte(I don't care if my contour color has shimmer in it). I also tried all over my face with two color combine. it adds a glow to my face but it is not oily looking. It does swatch pigmently.

Overall I don't care for the eyeshadow and the blush. The skinfinish is nice but not a mush have. MAC for me is really either hit or miss..

Thanks for looking :)
Did you get anything from this line?

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Maybelline Summer 2013 Limited Edition Color Tattoos

So here are what I found at BB&B after saw a instagram post from Crystal from Her blog(I love her!).
Here are four colors. 20 Waves of White, 30 Icy Mint, 35 Cool Crush, and 45 Lavish Lavender. I didn't pick up 40 Seashore Frosts(duochrome! Wish I had it...) because I didn't see it and the 25 Shady shores is a gold.... I have a lot of gold....
  - 20 Waves of White - 30 Icy Mint - 35 Cool Crush - 45 Lavish Lavender -

- 20 Waves of White - 30 Icy Mint - 
- 35 Cool Crush - 45 Lavish Lavender -
 - 20 Waves of White - 30 Icy Mint - 35 Cool Crush - 45 Lavish Lavender -

 - 20 Waves of White - 30 Icy Mint - 35 Cool Crush - 45 Lavish Lavender -

All for colors are just pretty...Waves of White is a white with kinda yellow-blue shine. Icy Mint is a cool green with a gold shine. Cool crush is blue-ish purple. Lavish Lavender is a cool tone purple. I only tried Waves of White, but I have to tell you it doesn't crease at all. I put on like at least 4 layers... didn't crease. You really need to give a little bit time to let it dry tho. I haven't found they anywhere else... if you are interested, give BB&B a try!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

M·A·C 'Fashion Sets' Embrace Me, Silly, and Heroine

Where can I start... I am not one of those girls that believe in "Hype". Most of the things I like may not be the ones that most people like. But I just have to try Mac's Fashion sets! I don't wear bright colors that often. I don't wear purple. I don't wear lip gloss .. Well the three thing I chose from this collection says I now trying them all...

 - M·A·C 'Fashion Sets' Lipstick Silly -

-  M·A·C 'Fashion Sets' Lipstick Heroine -

- M·A·C 'Fashion Sets' Tinted Lipglass Embrace Me -

- Silly - Heroine - Embrace Me -

I like the formula! I hated Mac lipstick before. I am still hating them(all the ones I bought before)...did they change the formula? It glides on so smoothly without using anything under. Reminds me a lot of Revlon moon drop(Creme ones). Of course this is matte finish but it jut doesn't make my lips look dry at all! The color is a hot pink, definitely.It is bright but not over the board. It is not a crazy color that you cant wear for going out.

Sorry my out lips looks so red(I swatched a lot of things today for my future blog post! yea I am trying to catch up!)... this is a purple with red undertone. I did some research on this color before I bought it. I didn't think it will look good on me, but I bought it anyway...I was wrong. The color actually doesn't that bad on me! I love it has a red undertone so it makes it more wearable and suitable for a lot of skintones. This shade is not dry either. The formula just likes Sally.

Embrace Me
This is a lip glass. The last time I purchased a MAC lip glass was four years ago... not a pleasant experience with that one. I can tell they definitely improved a lot with the lipglass. It is very pigmented.  The color doesn't bleed out. It is thick but in a good way. It doesn't look Fuchsia on my lips, more just a deep hot pink type thing. 

I love all three things I got! I am sad that most of them are sold out online. I get my Heroine at Nordstrom.com. I remember I checked several times on their mac page but it poped out at the new arrival first. It sold out so fast(I say less than five hrs... even less because I placed the order then I check that afternoon it was gone)! I definitely want to try more MAC now because they improved a lot with their formula.

 - MAC Silly -

 - MAC Heroine -

- MAC Heroine -

- MAC Embrace Me -

Thanks for looking!

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