Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Disney Jasmine Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Vol. 2

Hi Girls.
I got my palette early because it is a Beauty Insider exclusive. I also have the Vol.1. At the end of this post I have some swatches for the first palette. Let's get this out of the way first : I dont like the first palette. I got that because of one color Destined. It's so pretty when I swatched it but it doesn't look the same when I used on my eyes. I dont know why I didn't even return that palette...

- Blue Oasis - Trust Me - Abu - Ali Ababwa - Sultana -

- Friend Like Me - Master - Cosmic - Cave of Wonders - Sand in the Glass

- Lapis - Mystical Wonder - Rajah - Arabian Sunset - Bazaar -

- Thrilling Chase - Golden Sands -

Ok.... this palette is another disappointment... All the eyeshadows look so silky in the pan, but when I swatch on my arms, they are so powdery and chalky. So I tried today on my eyes...You know sometimes its different when shadows apply on the eyes? Sometimes it may swatch badly but apply good on the eyes. Nope... not these. I surely used a primer under colors. They colors are not pigmented (worse than swatched!), not layable at all. When I tried to blend the color together, they just separate and are swept away all the pigmentation. All I have left is a gray spot on my eyelids. What's in the world...?! The packaging is really really nice. It slides a lot easier than the first palette and has a little design on it. The blush and the brownzer are amazing...I love the deep plumy colors and bronzer with a little shimmer. They are pretty and apply easily. Overall not recommend. I can say both the palettes are so pretty but not useable. My Vol.1's all glittery colors are like no glitter pay off... even used a base for glitter. All the matte colors have no pay off what so ever...

- Maiden (glittery magenta) - All Aglow (shimmering tan - Destined (light blue pearl) - Cinderelly (sea foam green matte) - Pumpkin Coach(cream gold) -

- Ball Gown (pearl white pearl) - Kill Joy (shimmering taupe) - Fairy Godmother (periwinkle) - Glass Slipper (light blue shimmer) - Royal (matte bright blue) -
- Gus Gus (gold shimmer) - Charming (nude pearl) - Chateau (brown shimmer) - Palace (rose gold shimmer) - Drizella (medium brown golden shimmer) -

- Cinders (black with gold glitter) - Jaq (mauve matte gold shimmer) - Midnight (midnight blue with light blue glitter) - A Wish (cream pearl) - Rococo (plum w/multi glitter) -

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Urban decay...I have a mixed feeling about this brand. I was really disappointed since the NAKED 2 coming out... Yea I am not a big fan of it. Then the Vice Palette. Not a big fan either. I have to say I didn't  care about the new formula at all! The color pay off from these two palette are just disappointing...then they released the new fun, dangerous, feminine, and the smoked palette... I just totally lost my interest. I used to be a "UD palette must have all" kinda person, but The vice Palette just made me not trust the formula any more. I wished they still used the old formula... until I discovered the Glinda and Theodora palette! I absolutely love them!

- Urban Decay Theodora Palette -
- Broken - Beware - Bewitch -West - Spell - Jealous - Theodora(Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color - Zero(24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Black (Travel-sized)) -

 - Broken - Beware - Bewitch -West -

- Spell - Jealous -

I love this one more than the Glinda one. simply because it is not just fun but more wearable. The color pay off is great. The only one I don't care about is the Black sparkle color in Spell - too much fallout. The natural colors are so pretty. Beware is really a warm version of Buck. They look very very similar. I used jealous several times. The lighter green is super shiny and just make your eyes sparkle! They last all day with out creasing. The packaging... I prefer darker color. Glinda is just too white. I do appreciated that it is not paper box, and both of them have huge mirrors!

 - Urban Decay Glinda Palette -

 - Tornado - Aura - Magic - Illusion - Oz - South - Glinda(Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color) -Rockstar(24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil Deep eggplant (Travel-sized)) -

 - Tornado - Aura - Magic -

 - Illusion - Oz - South -
 The color combo in this one really reminds of the movie. Oz is really pretty but has fallout. Aura reminds me one of the MARS duo...I cant remember the name... Iceland! Here it is...they all good to layer on top of another color to give the color different look. All the colors in both palettes are layerble, which I love the most! I really dig into Turnado...How can you go wrong with a purple. Rockstar is a old fav. Ugh I just love pueple!

 - Theodora - Glinda -

- Theodora - Glinda - Zero - Rockstar -
Theodora is not really wearable for me but I love Glinda! It is just like my lip color with a shimmy finish. They feel a little bit sticky but not too bad. definitely need to re-apply during the day.

Spell: Golden color on the lid
West: outter corner
Beware: crease
Broken: HIghlight

I am thinking about getting the smoked palette and the fun feminine dangerous palette... What do you think? Will I like them?
I am also thinking about start Youtube...becasue I am so lazy I have so many things to review but I never will! Just becasue I am lazy LOL
Thanks for Looking!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection

Happy Chinese new year!

This spring,  nothing caught my eyes expect this little too faced palette. Before this palette, I collected all of the Too Faced shadows Collection but the naked eye. I love almost all of them. My favorites are the matte eye and the romantic eye. So I got this - looks like a combo of romantic & matte.

  - In The Buff - Fuzzy Handcuffs - Voulez-Vous -

- Satin Sheets - Sugar Walls - Garter Belt -

 - Birthday Suit - Lap Dance - French Tickler -

I love this palette. This is my to-go palette now. My favorite combo is Sugar walls + Voulez-Vous + French Tickler.  Not too crazy about Satin Sheets because it is not as pigmented as the rest of the colors. French Tickler does have some fallouts when I use it as a crease color but I don't really care. I need to try Urban Decay's new palettes but I still think Too Faced is a lot better. By the way the box is not paper any more (yay) it is metal and it feels heavy. when I got it in the mail Voulez-Vous came out of the spot and stretch Birthday Suit. LOL. They didn't break!

Thanks for looking :)
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