Monday, November 26, 2012

Kat Von D Shade Shifter Eyeshadow On The Road

I went crazy on Sephora's FFsale...I think I spend $800 total. I decided not review those seasonal limited edition just because I feel like if I took the picture I will never review them lol. So I will mainly focus on the regular line products. I call tell y'all I tried most of the holiday eyeshadow kits, my favorite is the Too Faced one. I may do a blog post about that one, just because it is my favorite. The disney one and the Tarte one is just ok... in my opinion. Overall, none of the holiday sets really is a must have to me.
I have been wanting this for a while. I love duo chrome eyeshadows! 

- In Door -
- With Flash -

Kat Von D Shade Shifter Eyeshadow On The Road -$16
It is brown with a dark green sheen. It may look green in the pan, but once you blend out on the eyes the green color disappears. The color is really pigmented. I used the sponge applicator that comes with the shadow to apply, and only one sweep the color comes out so intense. It doesn't smudge with a primer. It lasts over eight hrs, too. Overall if you like colors like this, this one is definitely a must have!
I did put a black base in the picture below just because I wanted a smokey look, but it is not really necessary for a every day look.

Thanks for looking!

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