Saturday, October 06, 2012

Burberry 'Lip Glow' Natural Gloss Blush

There are tons of people rave about Burberry lip gloss... I didn't get a chance to try one til recently. I got three of them, the other two are more on the nude side. At the beginning, I thought I would love the other two colors more, but no...this one is my favorite!

Burberry 'Lip Glow' Natural Gloss Blush - $27 - Rosy Red with shimmer
I love this color! I just couldn't believe a color like this would look good on me. It is a rosy red color with really fine shimmer in it. The shimmer doesn't show up much when apply on the lips - unless looking at it under the sun.  As the name tells you, it is really shinny. My husband even thinks I look extra nice what  whenever I am wearing this lip gloss alone - he never pays attention on my makeup! At the same time, I love how this lip gloss doesn't dry out my lips, no matter wear alone or topper with other lip stuff. The only down side is the texture is sticky after about one hour or two if applying alone. It can last about up to five hours when I paired with other lip sticks. Of course, no food or drinks.

- natural light -

- inside with flash -

- wear alone -

- wear alone -

Thanks for looking!

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