Saturday, September 29, 2012

Urban Decay The Vice Palette

I bought this when I first saw the email that Urban Decay sent me. I don't know...I just couldn't deny any UD palettes! Well, except the books of shadows that came out last year.

- Natural -

- Flash -
Desperation - Smokey Dark Grey 
Great pigmentation. A little bit hard to blend.
Muse - Dark Brown with Sparkle
The texture is soft. Easy to blend. 
Jagged - Black and Gold Sparkle
This color looks a lighter version of Muse from the pan. But from the swatches it doesn't have any color but sparkles. It looks good when layer it on top of a light color. Not too much of fallout.
Blitz - Metallic Gold
The texture is really smooth. Can easily be layered with another color.
Penny Lane -Metallic Peach with Golden Shimmer
The shimmers are really fine. The color doesn't have any fallout. Hard to layer with other colors.

- Natural -

- Flash -
Junkie - Shimmer Green  
When apply on the eyes it is not quite pigmented as swatched, but it is still a decent color.
Chaos - Matte Blue with Silver sparkle
This is a weird color. It is matte but at the same time it has a little but sparkle in it. A little bit hard to blend with a primer.
Occupy - Dark Grey with Sparkle
Easy to blend, but it is kind a dirty color for my skin tone.
Unhinged -Metallic Aqua
Really pretty color. Can easily layer with another color.
Black Market - black
The texture is hard. Not easy to blend.

- Natural -

- Flash -
Provocateur - Mauve with glitter
Chalky! Getting fallout like crazy! Dislike!
Rapture - Greyish Purple
This color has a soft texture and easy to blend.
Vice - Shimmery Plum Purple
Nice color! Easy to blend and layer with. The texture is soft.
Noise - Shimmery Hot Pink
Easy to blend. 
Armor - Shiny Metallic Grey
Soft. Easy to blend.

- Natural -

- Flash -
Nevermind - Metallic Taupe
Easy to apply. Looks good on everybody. Slightly fallout.
Echo Beach - Light beige
Too shimmery for a crease color and too light for a lid color. The texture is soft.
Anonymous - Matte Peach Beige
Really nice matte highlight. A little bit chalky but doesn't bother me.
Freebird - Light Metallic Peach with Sparkles
Looks nice when swatch, but this is a really chalky color! I couldn't even apply on my eyes.
Laced - Matte Warm Beige
Nice blending color. The texture is silky.

Urban Decay The Vice Palette - $59(I haven't purchased anything from Urban Decay's website for a longgg time, they charge tax now...what a shame! ) - 20 x 0.03 oz
The palette is good quality. At least it is not paper made! It feels kinda like NARS. It comes with a brush and a mirror. I don't like the brush because it doesn't pick up colors very well. Overall most of the shadows are worth to try, but I think if you own a lot of UD shadows, this palette is not unique. I don't know if I am getting picker or not, the texture of UD shadows are not as nice as before in general. Plus I like Naked more than Naked 2...

What do you think this palette? Did you get it? If not, Sephora's ff sale is coming up, if you want it you can save some money on this :)

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Le Métier de Beauté 'True Color' Eyeshadow Fire Lily

I was curious about this brand for a long time. Since I have read so many blog posts about their eyeshadow, I finally decided to get some to try them out. I am glad they have several red shades -  you know, red eyeshadows are kinda rare. So I picked out fire lily.

Le Métier de Beauté 'True Color' Eyeshadow Fire Lily - $30 - 0.13oz - Shimmery red with sparkle
This color is hard to write a review about...because I don't know if I should recommend this or not. The color seems have some sparkle in the pan - I mean, glittery sparkle. But when I swatched on my arm,  everything disappeared. The color is not pigmented, the sparkles are gone! I looked at my finger first, then I realized all the color transferred on my finger but not my arm. For this kind of shadows, most of them, are not gonna show up on the eyes...well, from my experience. Surprise, surprise surprise! The next day when I tried on my eyes with a eye primer, the color was so pigmented and the sparkle actually showed up! I don't know how that works, but it happened. It reminds me my too faced single eyeshadows, looks pretty but doesn't show up on my eyes. This one is completely opposite. The color doesn't have any fallout, doesn't fade. The only thing is, I don't think it is quite blendable because the texture is more on the hard side. I ended up keeping this just because I like red shades.
Do you want to try this color? Do you have any shades are like this - not pigmented when swatch but pigmented on the eye?
By the way, I always use a eyeshadow primer to help intense the color... I am sure too faced shadow insurance helped a lot with the color pay off.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


This is the new eyeshadow duo that just came out from NARS. I know they previously came out a single color, but I wasn't too crazy about it. Now they have a duo that seems I can do a great smokey eye with :) I also got the lipgloss, I was going to do a look that using that gloss, too. But since that was a really intense red, it would look too much for a smokey eye. So I decided to show that one later.

NARS 413 BLKR EYESHADOW DUO - $34 - Shimmering amethyst / black with red pearl
I love the color combination. It is classic but also has a little bit modern twist. The lighter color is really soft and creamy. The darker color is really dry. When I swatch the darker color, I was kinda disappointed because the texture is just so hard. Plus the swathes doesn't turnout that great compare to the light color. The weird thing is, when I tried to put the color on my eyes, the texture turned out really creamy and really easy to blend. The sad part is, even this color doesn't have any fallout, the red shimmer doesn't show up at all. It just looks like a plain shimmery black color.

- natural light -

- flash -

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Too Faced Summer Eye Summertime Sexy Eyeshadow Collection

Hi :) I am back(sort of..). This is a review that I saved in the draft for over a month(I still have several post that I saved for over a month! we just moved two weeks ago, I took some new blog pictures in the new house but I don't like the I need to figure out something new soon! ), I wasn't going to post this because this is a limited edition item, but I have already took pictures and everything, so enjoy :)

I have been looking for this...when I saw this on Sephora website, I thought it wouldn't be out of stock so fast... so I waited for a little bit... when I checked back, it was out of stock! I put this in shopping list thing because I thought they would be in stock soon. But no, I was wrong. They are still out of stock... Luckily, I found this at my local Sephora! I don't normally shop in the store, so when I found this I was excited! Of course, this is the last one there. The girl that works at Sephora told me they only got six!

Too Faced Summer Eye Summertime Sexy Eyeshadow Collection - $36 -
The first three shade(vertical) contains 0.07 oz. The rest of the shadows contain 0.03oz each. Before I bought this I have seen so many reviews saying they love this palette. Well... for me, not really. I love the color combination and the staying power. The glitter shades have so much fallout. The shimmery shades tend to have the washed-off infect. I always expect some really pigmented shadows from Too Faced, and they never let me down. But this time I am disappointed. I also have the smokey palette and the natural palette. Those two palettes do not have any fallout problem and the shadows are really pigmented. I also got the Natural At Night palette, I have to say I don't really care for that palette, either. They last about eight hours without primer.
overall this is a fun palette, but don't regret if you didn't get this...

  -Day - Sugar Sand - Plumeria - Cocoa Beach -

- Fashion - Peach Fuzz - Coral Crush - Chocolate Sun -

- Classic - Sunbeam - Mermaid - Toasted Coconut -

- Day -
- Day -

- Day -

- Fashion -

- Classic -

- Classic -

Thanks for looking :)

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