Sunday, July 22, 2012

Trish McEvoy Birthday Makeup Planner Collection Watercolors

I have never tried their products before. Since they had 20% off last week, I took advantage of it. I was going to get some brushes but they were not 20% off. So I decided to try some of their makeup. I looked up some reviews of some products from this set online, but I couldn't find any(that is a sign!). I still decided to get it just because it it so cute looking from the website. They are not available any more because it is a limited edition, but I think you can still buy individual products.

It comes with a lot of stuff...
Petite Makeup Planner
Effortless Eyes™ Watercolors Wet & Dry Eye Shadow Lilac
Golden Face Color Trio
Eye Base Essentials
Intense Gel Eye LinerFlawless Lip® Color
High Volume Mascara

Trish McEvoy Birthday Makeup Planner Collection Watercolors - $125
I hate posting negative reviews! But I have to say this set is a joke!The eyeshadows are not pigmented at all! I guess that's why they call "watercolors"? Are you kidding me?! It says "handmade in Italy......" emmmmm... I tried the purple color. I literary apply about ten layers try to make the color show up. But no, just a bunch of glitters with a tint of purple.
The Petite Makeup Planner is cute, but it creases so easy..... and it is not very well made at all. The stitches from the inside are cheap looking and has already started coming off. I can't imagine who would pay any money for this!
Golden Face Color Trio is ok... at least I can use it. But you can see from the picture below, it is not very well made either, and... It looks like someone already ran their fingers through or something.
Eye Base Essentials is like the worst eye primer of all the ones I tried before. The texture is creamy which is good. I used this base with some strong colors on top, at the end of the day when I tried to take off my make up, those colors literary stained on my eyelid! So you call this a eye base?! LOL......
Their costumer service is THE WORST EVER!I am not brave enough to try the rest of the products, so I e-mailed them ask a refund or at least send me a new face palette(at least an explanation?). They said I can only return the whole set and I have to pay for the shipping... even though I think they give me a returned product! I e-mailed back to complain, but I didn't get any responses.I don't know what I am going to do with this... I don't want to pay money for the stupid shipping... it doesn't make any sense to me to pay more money on something like this.
I HAVE TO share my experience on my blog, to let more people aware of this company... I don't want this happen to anybody else. I heard their brushes are good, but now I am not willing to try any of their products.

Thanks for Looking!

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