Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NARS Joie De Vivre All About Cheek Palette

So far, Nars came out two "All About Cheek Palette"(Danmari's review is Here). I like the idea of putting six shades together.I really do! This way I don't feel like wasting too much money on something that I can never use up.

This palette contain 6 shades - Albatross, Gaiety, Luster, Laguna, Orgasm(Again!!!), and Angelika. Six shades contain 3.5g *6(0.12 oz * 6 - $65) product. Each shade is little bit smaller than the individual packaging ones, but I know I can never use them up anyway(I am trying tho!).

Albatross - Golden sheen
This color is good for highlighting or layering on top of blushes. The texture is soft, but for some reason I found it is hard to blend. I have to use a brush like MAC 168 to blend this color out. I like this color more than the hungry heart duo(II)... It just looks a lot nicer on my skin tone.
I have a dope for this color. It is not a highlighter...... It is an eyeshadow from Revlon. It's the Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eye Shadow in 515 Adventurous(Picture below - on the right) - the color on the top left. I have been using that color for highlighting for quite a while. I don't like how it's turned out on my eyes, but it is definitely a nice highlighter. The texture is a lot softer, and it doesn't make my pore look as obvious as the Albatross.

- Albatross - Adventurous -

Gaiety - Bright Candy Pink
This is a lighter, less brighter version of Nars Desire. They both contain shimmer. But after applying on the face, I couldn't see any shimmer. Gaiety is pigmented, but not like a crazy bright pink color after applying. It looks natural even after two layers.

Luster - Sheer Golden Apricot
This color is not sheer at all... It is pigmented! It looks ok on my skintone but I think it would look a lot better on warmer, darker skintone. It looks more just a healthy glow on my cheeks. I like this color, but I don't use it often.

Laguna - Brown with golden shimmer
I use to love this color, but not any more. Simply because it is too shimmery. I don't care if a bronzer has shimmer in it, but this one is just a little bit too much for me. What I like to do is using it as a blush. On me, it looks nicer than Luster.

Orgasm - Peachy Pink with Golden Shimmer
Yeah...again. I understand this is Nars' best selling blush, but I feel like if some one wants to buy NARS blushes, she(or he LOL) would already have this color! I am just kinda sick of looking at this color in a new palette over and over. I know another new Nars cheek palette for Sephora even has this color in it, too! I feel like they should put those less popular color in the palette, so more people can buy them without worrying about having the same color.

Angelika - Cotton Candy Pink
This color is so glittery! I have this color on the other day. By the end of the day when I took off my makeup, the glitters were still there. This color is really powdery, so it is easy to over apply. I like this color for a daytime look, even it has glitter in it because I just feel like using a matte color every day is a bit boring.

- Albatross - Gaiety - Luster - Laguna - Orgasm - Angelika -

Overall this is a nice palette. If you don't have many NARS blushes(especially Orgasm... ), this is the best way to collect them instead of buying them individually. The quality is as the same as the individual ones. I feel like NARS will continue coming out these kind of palettes, so I have already quite buying the individual ones. But...Who knows?

- Albatross(Highlight) - Angelika(Blush) - Luster(Contour) -

- Albatross(Highlight) - Angelika(Blush) - Luster(Contour) -

Thanks for Looking!

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