Monday, July 23, 2012

M·A·C 'Illustrated - Smoky Eye Black' Kit by Julie Verhoeven

I have 100 followers on my blog now. Thank you soooo much for following me, everyone:) I have been blogging a little bit over a year now, and I learnt a lot about make up! Also, I discovered a lot of good blogs :) 
Should I do a give away? I know I will be busy soon... My due date is August 4th, and we are moving into our new house on August 17th (I hope)... Maybe I should wait a little bit, but trust me, I will do one ASAP!

Ok, back to makeup. I got this set from Nordstrom anniversary sale. Never tried any sets from MAC because normally I don't like their packaging. I got this because there are two eyeshadows I wanted to try out - Naked Lunch, and Carbon. 

It comes with:
3 eyeshdaows(1.5g - 0.05 oz/each): Naked Lunch(F)/ Wedge(M)/ Carbon(M)
2 brushes(made in China): 212SE, 275SE
1 Technakohl liner(0.35g - 0.012 oz): Graphblack
1 Zoomlash Mascara(4g - 0.14 oz): Zoomblack

Naked Lunch(F) - Light, Shimmery Peachy Pink
I love this color. It is perfect for everyday usage. I used this for blending out a smokey eye or highlighting my browbone for a natural look, but I think for some people this color is too shimmery for highlighting. The color appears more on the white side on my skin tone instead of peachy color. The texture is creamy enough to layer on top of another color.
Wedge(M) - Warm Brown
This color is too light for me as a crease color. The texture is not too creamy which makes it a little bit hard to blend. I think this color would work better for light or even fair skintone.
Carbon(M) - Black
I am quite disappointed with this color! The texture is so hard that I can hardly pick up any color, and the pigmentation is not that great, either. Since a lot of people love this color so much, I think maybe I just got a bad one? Or some people say the quality of a set normally not as good as the individual product.

212SE - Flat Definer Brush
I don't have the regular size, but this brush definitely does the job.
275SE - Medium Angled Shading Brush
A little bit big for blending, but good for applying the colors.

Technakohl liner
The texture is more on the drier side, so it doesn't smudge on me. The good thing is I don't have to sharpen it all the time, but at the same tine it contains less product than a regular eyeliner. I don't think I would buy it again.

Zoomlash Mascara
Sadly this is another mascara that doesn't do anything to my short hard lashes... It doesn't hold the curl at all! It does give me a little bit volume, but that's it...

Overall it is a ok set for MAC "starters" to try out. I wouldn't recommend this to someone who has a huge MAC collection. I forgot to mention the packaging is not made by paper. The inside bottom part(I am not talking about the mirror) is actually plastic, which is nice. I don't like when I buy kinda pricy makeup, they come with a cheap paper box even through they might be really pretty.

Naked Lunch(F) -  Wedge(M) - Carbon(M) - Technakohl liner
 - Under Sun Light -

- Inside - 

- Naked Lunch on the crease -

Thanks for Looking!

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