Thursday, July 12, 2012

M·A·C 'Heavenly Creature' - Sky, Water, and Magnetic Attraction

I have to apologize that if you have my blog in your blog roll, you may see some radon pictures posts from my blog... I was trying to upload some pictures for another post, but for some reason it says I ran out of space! I tried to upgrade my account, but it showed I only used 15% of the total space! I called my husband to help me fix it, but he posted some of the testing pictures...Anyway it's all good now.
As everyone knows MAC came out the new mineralize collection every summer. Last year I picked out five eyeshadows, one blush, and one skinfinish. The blush and the skinfinish are ok, so I decided to skip them this year. There are only three eyeshadows that caught my eyes. 
 - Sky - Water - Magnetic Attraction -

 - Sky -
M·A·C 'Heavenly Creature' Mineralize Eyeshadow Sky  - Light Sky Blue with Gold Sparkle  - (1.8g - 0.06 oz - $20)
This color looks so pretty in the pan. I read some reviews before I got this color - it is not pigmented. It applies really sheer... like... even lighter than the blue color in the pan. I didn't try to use it wet. The good thing with this color is it doesn't have any fallout. The texture is really hard. When apply on eyes, the gold sparkle shines very through the blue color. I don't have any color that is like this, so I decided to keep this(EOTD2 - outer corner).

 - Water -
M·A·C 'Heavenly Creature' Mineralize Eyeshadow Water - Grey with Blue Sparkle - (1.8g - 0.06 oz - $20)
I know I should get this in the store instead of order it online... because I really want one with more green in it. When I first swatched this color, I was like....oh, no...It doesn't look like what is in the pan at all. I knew it would look a little bit different, but I don't like it looks completely different! I did a look with this - green color for the half inner corner, blue(?) color for the outer half(EOTD1). I applied about three layers to get that much of pigmentation. This color doesn't have any fallout because you can't even get the color out of the pan...

 - Magnetic Attraction -
M·A·C 'Heavenly Creature' Mineralize Eyeshadow Magnetic Attraction - Orange Gold Red with Golden Sparkle - (1.8g - 0.06 oz - $20)
This one is the best one out of three I bought. The color is quite pigmented(compare to the other two colors). The texture is soft and a little bit chalky but applies smoothly.The golden sparkles are really small, and it doesn't stick on the eyelid very well. On my eyes, it looks more like a golden peach color than a red. Over all this is the only color I recommend if you want to try it out.

 - Sky - Water - Magnetic Attraction -

Water green - inner corner
Water blue - outer corner
 - EOTD1 - (cloudy)

 - EOTD1 - (cloudy)

Magnetic Attraction - inner corner
Sky - outer corner
Magnetic Attraction Gold - lower inner corner
Sky light blue - lower outer corner
 - EOTD2 - (sunny)

 - EOTD2 - (sunny)

- EOTD2 - (sunny)

Thanks for looking!

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