Wednesday, July 18, 2012

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic B.B. Cream Light

I am not a BB cream believer. Simply because my first beauty product was BB cream, and I had some horrible experience with it...It is an Asian brand, but I don't remember the name. I also tried some other Asian brand BB cream. Sadly, those never worked for me either. It made my face look so ashy and grey looking... literary like a zombie. At the beginning of this year, all the western brands started to come out their BB cream (I think almost all the brands have a BB cream line... I checked out Sephora, it has it's own category). First I thought they are trying to copy those Asian BB cream, but after I read some reviews about different brands, it seems like it is different. At the same time, the prices run really high compare to those Asian brands. I remember the one I got was no more than $20(maybe like $13?), but all the ones at Sephora are at least $40 something(Really?!). I don't want to blow money on something that I probably not gonna like I simply chose a drugstore brand. I think Maybelline has a BB cream that just came out, but I know they had one on Asian market for a long time. I am kinda scared to try that one, so I decided to get the L'Oreal one.

It says on the packaging that BB cream actually means "Beautifying Beads"(The Asian ones mean Blemish Balm!). It is a 4 in 1 product - Primes, perfects, hydrates, and corrects. It looks so weird when I first squeezed out from the tube. It is white and liquidy. You can see those small dark beads in it(Pic below).

When blended out, it simply changed the color. But you can still see the beads(Pic below).

After a few seconds of blending, it milt into the skin without any beads left(Pic below). It feels really smooth.

Compare to MAC NW20 concealer(Pic below).

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic B.B. Cream 812 Light - (10 fl.oz. - 30ml. - $8.95~$12)
I hate doing negative review....
When the first day I tried it, I thought it would look too red on my skintone. But when I applied on my face, it doesn't look too bad. I put on top of my moisturizer, but it seems like it couldn't blend with my moisturizer - all the dark particles start showing up on my face, kinda nasty. I tried with different moisturizer, but still got the same result. I thought maybe I should't use my fingers to blend it in...? so I tried with a foundation brush and a sponge - the result I got was a little bit better but still not what I expected. I didn't try to use it with out any moisturizer because even through the texture is liquidy, but when applying on my face, it looks dry. So...I don't recommend this to dry skin!
It is light and almost no coverage. The staying power is not bad - at least 6-8 hours. But I have another problem with it... when I took off my make up at night, I noticed my face turns redder than first applying on my face. It is pretty noticeable.
I am glad I tried this even through I don't like it.

- after two hours of applying -

Thanks for looking! Did you try this BB cream? Any thoughts on this? 

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