Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chanel - Delight, Holiday, and May

I don't have any Dior polishes, but I am crazy about Chanel polishes. Normally I go for those really crazy metallic or glittery colors, but this summer I picked out some really girly color.

May (535)- Soft baby pink (Cream - 13ml - $26)
This color needs two coats. I t has a cool undertone,but most people can wear this color(spring 2012).

Holiday(617) - Orange Coral (Cream - 13ml - $26)
Orange is the main color for this summer, so I got a lot of orange stuff. This color only needs one coat, but applying two coats can make the color more opaque. This color has no blue or yellow undertone which is kinda nice.

Delight(607) - Golden Metallic (Metallic - 13ml - $26)
This color is really summer proper compare to most of the metallic color. This color contains multi-color particles. I only need one coat for this color.

Thanks for looking!

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