Monday, May 21, 2012

Stila in the garden eyeshadow palette

I love Stila's eyeshdow. They are really smooth(smoother than UD's or any other brands I tried before) and so easy to apply.

a confident woman knows her inner beauty will captivate you, and her eyes will mesmerize you.
- Sarah Lucero

This palette contains 10 shadows and 1 liner.

 - chinois - breeze - bark - freesia -rosette -

 - nectar - honey - sage - moss - juniper -

 - starfish -

Thye are truly some beautiful colors! All the names are really spring-ish, but I just hope they could have more colorful colors instead of like almost 5 natural colors. Since the shadows are smooth and soft, they tend to have some fall out. not too bad though. I love all the greens, they complement each other very well. Not too crazy with the eyeliner, because it smudged on my bottom lash line (Well, nothing can save my bottom lash line! My eyes are just so watery all the time). It comes with a look book. The looks are nothing special, so I didn't take any pictures. 

Thanks for looking!
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