Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Back to beginning - Benefit goodies - Hoola, Thrrrob, & The Pretty Committee

Hey everyone!
There are a lot of deals going on right now, so I bought a lot of good stuff from Benefit & Sephora.

Benefit is the first makeup brand that I ever used (about two or three years ago). I almost tried like everything from their brand, but after a while I discovered more brands, so I kinda stopped using their stuff for a long time. They keep coming out new blushes and other stuff, but I feel like they are selling their packaging more than their products. So I had been waiting for some good deals... ha!

double the powder!(online exclusive hoola + thrrrob duo)
I found this set on the Benefit website. Two for $34.
Of course I did some research before I placed my order.
Here is what I found.
Hoola contains 0.40 oz.  (This is the order version! The new version is $28 for 0.28oz... yeah, I know...)
Thrrrob contains 0.42 oz ( Full size)
So I guess Benefit is trying to get ride of the old packaging, and change all their box blushes into like the new version(like the one has the mirror inside of the box).? At the same time, reduce the size of the product...
I would rather have more products that a mirror :(

Thrrrob is a really light shimmery pink. I am still pale(yea...haven't been to the pool that much, I think I am in between N15-N20 now), so this color shows on my skin just perfectly. I am afraid N25 or above couldn't use this as blush...just too light. Oh, by the way, this blush is not really build-able.
Hoola just like everybody says... perfect bronzer for everyone! The color is just a medium brown, no red or orange in it. This color is super build-able, I can use this even as a blush.

Without flash
Thrrrob - Hoola

With flash
Thrrrob - Hoola

Swatches :)
Thrrrob - Hoola

Here is my old old old old Benefit Dandelion. I bought this about three years ago. So the box is super old. I don't use this any more, but I still love the smell of this blush. I am probably gonna get a new one, but as I said above, this older version has 0.35 oz , the new version is 0.28 oz... same price!
This color has a little bit red tone in it, and more pigmented than Thrrrob. The color is quite shimmery when swatch, but not too much on the skin.

Without flash
Dandelion - Thrrrob

Without flash
Dandelion - Thrrrob - Hoola

The Pretty Committee ($38)
I found this on Sephora website. People say it will be available in store in may, but I can't wait, plus I can use 15% off discount .
My little research:
High Beam 0.13 oz (Full size is 0.45 oz for $26)
Bella Bamba 0.28 oz (Full size!)
Stay Don't Stray  0.33 oz (Full size! I think...)
Eye Bright 0.05 oz (Full size!)
Plus a little make up bag.
I think this set is super worth the price!

To get free shipping, I bought some other stuff + samples.

Bella Bamba is a shimmery dark pink. I don't know why it is called 3D, but this color looks nice on my skin. The color is build-able and pigmented.

Without flash
Bella Bamba - dandelion - Thrrrob - Hoola

Thanks for looking!

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