Sunday, February 26, 2012

I am back :) Quick Update/Favorites+Short Review

Hey everyone!
Longggg time no post!
I am sorry for being MIA, but thank you for those of you that are still checking my blog or following (hug hug).
I don't really have excuses except:
We found out I am pregnant! Haha yea it is already 17 weeks:)
Here is the baby when he (or she) was 13 weeks:
I "suffered" from morning sickness since the second month. I still don't feel good but at least I don't feel like sleepy all day long.

My parents came to visit us for Christmas (then they stayed with us about a month...), it was a completely mass. They don't know any English so I had to be with them most of the time and translated everything.  So I had no time even get on the computer.

Last but not least... we are building a house!
Finding a house is not as easy as we thought...Actually we had been looking around for a long time. But I think I am too picky LOL. We did find a house, but when we tried to make a offer on that house, the Realtor told us the house has already taken by another family. They offered full price. I don't think that house is worth that much so we gave up. After a week of that house drama, I found out a company that build awesome European house, and it is perfect for a small family. The only thing is my due day is Auguet 4th, but they said they can't finish building it until mid august. We were hoping to move in before I have the baby, but hopefully they can finish building the house earlier than that.
Here is the model:


Makeup time!
These are the favorites I recently discovered:
1.Physicians Formula Shimmer strips Custom Enhancing Eyeliner Trio(Brown Eyes)
Pros:The colors are really intense/ Apply smoothly/ Has a sharpener at the end
Cons:Fade really quick/Can't use on my waterline

2.Physicians Formula Nude Palette
Pros: packaging/ The colors are really shimmery
Cons: not pigmented( the lighter colors )

3.Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Gel Eyeliner Black 886
Pros: Intense color/ perfect on upper lashline/ Brush sucks!
Cons: doesn't last on my waterline :(
I have being trying so many different liners, but none of them works on my waterline! Any suggestions?

4.MAC Rose Pro Pigment Powder
Pros: Color is pretty!
Cons: doesnt stick on very well/ too glittery

5. Bobbi Brown Metallic Eyeshadow 79 Black Cocoa
Pros: The color is pretty/ Glitter sticks on very well
Cons: fade really quick
I never tried Bobbi Brown eyeshadow before, but I think the color pay off is amazing!

6. Rimmel Glam Eyes HD Eyeshadow 008 True Union Jack
Review coming soon~

7. Sleek I Divine ACID Eyeshadow Palette
Review coming soon~

8. Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow
Review coming soon~ I am trying to collect all of them

9. Solone Eyecolor Frozen
Review coming soon~ so far I like them more than Maybelline color tattoo shadows

10.Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow
01 Kakitsubata
06 Ginbudou
Ex-04 Toukaede
Review coming soon~ 

11. Lunasol Eyeshadow
Review coming soon~ 

12. Dior 5 Couleurs Garden Edition Garden Pastels 441
Review coming soon~ 

13.Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Brow Kit
Pros: Color selections/
Cons:The brow gel is super wet!

Ps:9.10.11. are purchased in China

Thanks For Looking!

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