Sunday, November 27, 2011

Urban Decay Single Eyeshadow X Swatches, Pictures, & Review

When I saw a swatch picture of this shade and NARS Orgasm, I was like... I have to have this shade! I am into peach/gold color lately!
I got @ Sephora for $18. I don't have any urban decay singles except those matte ones. I don't understand why Urban Decay doesn't put this shade in one of their palette. They always put tones of same shades into different palettes. I have several Urban Decay Palette, but I have like 3 gunmetal, 3 dark horse, etc. They really should put more colors in their palettes(They have more colors, but they only use some of them to put in their palettes, why?!).

Without flash:

With flash:

Without flash:

With flash
You don't realize the prettiness of this shade until you turn on your flash! During the daytime, this shade looks really boring, just a peachy shade with a lot of shimmer. It is just a darker version of NARS Orgasm. When you look at the shade under the flash, you can see the gold shimmer really stand out. Also, This is what  excepted from MAC's Angel Flame(Review & EOTD).

Without flash:

Thanks For Looking!

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