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Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette Swatches, Review & Comparison

This is the Too Faced Holiday Palette for this year. I love their holiday palette every year! Compare to the Urban Decay's holiday palette, I think Too Faced ones have better designs and the colors pigmentation look just the same to me. And finally, they don't have a matte black in he palette any more(all of my big palettes have a matte black color, every single one)! It is exclusive sells at Sephora for $52.
My husband saw this palette and he was like "did u see the little dog here?"
Yea it is on the bottom right haha.

It come with 15 colors, one full size TFSI, one bronzer(0.14 oz Chocolate Soleil Bronzer), one highlight(0.14 oz Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder) and two blushes(2 x 0.08 oz Blush in Cocoa Rose, Sweet Pink ).

The palette is made by paper. It is kind lame because the pattern makes it really fragile.

The back of the palette.

It comes with some "How-to" paper.


I give this palette thumbs up because I just love this palette no matter the quality or the price.The 15 colors are all pigmented and really useful either for dramatic look or natural look. I love it always come with the TFSI. I never bought any TFSI, but every time I bought Too Faced palette it always comes with it. I think I have three already. Urban Decay only comes with the sample size primer, but I prefer TFSI anyway. The cards are quite useful, I wish they could come with more.

Chocolate Soleil Bronzer is rich matte bronze. it smells like chocolate!
Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder is a sheer luminous soft gold.
Cocoa Rose is a soft pink brown.
Sweet Pink is fresh pink sheen.
These four colors are mostly matte or just have a little bit shimmer. I think they are quite useful for blushing and contouring.
Signature step-by-step instruction cards is quite useful.

Little Eiffel Tower design :) Loveeeeeeee!

- In the Buff - Peach Fuzz - Copper Peony - Teddy Bear - Lovey Dovey -
In the Buff is a just a matte white base color. I use this for highlight a lot.
Peach Fuzz is supper pretty! It is a light yellow peachy color with micro glitter. The glitter is really fine and pigmented. I use this color for crease some times.
Teddy Bear is also another pretty color. It is a matte grey with a little bit brown in it.

- Satin Sheets - Cut the Cake - Party Girl - Nice Ash - Smolder -
Cut the Cake is a shimmery purple grey color. I don't know it looks a little bit more purple when I swatched it.
Smolder is a matte navy blue. I love this color because it is not chalky at all.

- Honeymoon - Label Whore - Nice Stems! - Cop Teal - First Dance -
Label Whore is like the prettiest color ever in all Too Faced colors. It is in both of the holiday palettes. It is a ultra shimmery brown shade with blue(I think it is green?!) iridescence. I do smokey eye look with this color all the time!
First Dance is another pretty matte color. It is a dark dark purple. I love purples!

- Chocolate Soleil - Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder - Cocoa Rose - Sweet Pink -


Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland is the palette that came out last holiday. I think it is only $49... I got this at sephora store. They have four same colors: In the Buff, Peach Fuzz, Teddy Bear, and Label Whore. It also comes with a full fize TFSI. two blushes(0.08 oz La Vie en Rose Blush & 0.14 oz Snow Bunny Bronze), and a lipgloss(0.12 oz Glamour Gloss in Pillow Talk)
Are they using the same model for the cover?! LOL.

The are almost the same size. Actually Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette is a little bit smaller.

It also contains three cards, but this years' are more higher quality .

You can tell I used quite often. Some of the colors I still love to use.

Sweet Dreams Palette has one bronzer, one highlight and two blushes. The Enchanted Glamourland contains two blushes, and a full size lipgloss. I would rather have the lipgloss instead of more blushes because I love their lipgloss!
- In The Buff - Soft Pink Exclusive - George & Weezie - Velvet Revolver - Honey Pot -
- Teddy Bear - Violet Exclusive - Boy Toy - Peach Fuzz -Turquoise Exclusive -
- Label Whore - Glamazon - Deep Plum Exclusive - Ooh & Aah - Stiletto -

I didn't swatch the same color btw.
 - Soft Pink Exclusive - George & Weezie - Velvet Revolver - Honey Pot -

 - Violet Exclusive - Boy Toy - Turquoise Exclusive - Glamazon -

 - Deep Plum Exclusive - Ooh & Aah - Stiletto -

- Snow Bunny Bronzer - La Vie en Rose -
I have Snow Bunny Bronzer in another bronzer palette, too. I don't quite like this color because when you mix the four color in the pan together, it is just like a highlighting color. Since it mixed with four color, I can't make the color even. It is hard to just pick one color in the pan because it is too small.
La Vie en Rose is just a rosy color with a little bit gold shimmer,

- Glamour Gloss in Pillow Talk -

In the Buff - Highlight
Peach Fuzz - All over the lids
Satin Sheets - inner corner
Honeymoon -  one third of my eyelids
Nice Stems! - middle third & lower lashline(middle third)
Cop a Teal - outer corner & lower lashline(outer third)

Candlelight Glow - Highlight
Chocolate Soleil - Contour
Cocoa Rose - Cheeks

Another EOTD - Here.
Thanks For Looking!

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