Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TAG: My Most Reached For Eyes Brushes

I want to start a tag for most reached for brushes, of course, eye brushes. I just want to know what other girls use everyday :) I am slowly into brushes right now and I want to get some decent eye brushes !

First, you need to answer several questions:
1. Do you put on full eye makeup everyday? what is your eye makeup routine?
I don't have a routine because I love to try out different look every day, but if I have to have one, it would be:
Eyebrows(I used Teddy Bear from Too Faced for now) - line my water line(Bobbi Brown Gel liner) - highlight(usually matte white color) - eyeshadows - eyeliners - mascara(two coats) - false lashes(not necessary)
2. Do you prefer sponge applicator or brushes?
It depends. I prefer using sponge applicator to apply matte eyeshadows, and use brushes to do the rest.
3. Do you wash your eye brushes every time after you use them? What do you use?
... ... No. 
I will just dust off the extra powder if they don't stain, some of the goat hair brushes are so easy to stain, so I wash those every time after I use them(I use Dawn!). I found that if I do a smokey look, the powders will stay on the brushes no matter how hard I dust them. So I will do a quick wash by using the brush cleanser from Brush Off. I tried the MAC one but it doesn't work for me!
4. What are your favorite brands of eye brushes?
Sonia Kashuk(affordable & easy to find)
HAKUHODO(best brush I ever used but pricy)

Now, show me your brushes!
I avoid MAC and some "hard-to-get" brushes(like HAKUHODO, you can only get it online), and more focus on the easy to get ones.

1. Sonia Kashuk Smudge Brush $4.29
I love this brush because it is small enough to smudge out the liners to create a smokey eye look. I use this to apply gel liners on my upper lashline, too. It is just so easy to use. Only down side I found about this brush is I use more product with this brush than other brushes...I have no idea why.
2. Sonia Kashuk Small Eye Shadow Brush $9.99
This brush is perfect for Asian eyes! I use this brush to put the colors on. It is not quite dense, but the tips of bristles can grab the perfect amount of shadows. I tried several textures, and this brush works for shimmery shadows the best.
3. E.l.F. small smudge Brush $3.00
I use this to smudge out the shadows for the lower lash line. It is dense enough but it doesn't hurt my eyes like most of the brushes do.
4. Lancome eyeshadow brush
This is a special edition I got from last Christmas's holiday set, I can't find the name any more, but this brush works really well for putting colors on and blend out the colors. I used to only have this brush to do my whole eye makeup for a long time (3 months?). I still use this regularly, this brush went out of shape a little bit but there is no shading at all. I guess I need to get the brush guard to keep the shape. I really want another one but this year they have different brushes.
5. E.L.F. Contour Brush $3.00
Another brush that perfect for Asian eyes! I love to use this to blend out the colors on the crease, but this brush doesn't have good quality...the brush just went out of shape! I guess I used too much? LOL. I guess it is only $3, so no complain. I love E.L.F. brushes but some of them just have bed qualities
6. Benefit Hard Angle brush $ 16
The good thing about this brush is it is hard enough for adding colors on brows. I do use this for eyeliners sometimes, but it doesn't work as good as the brush I will mention next. The handle is short so it is easy to grab on.
7. Sonia Kashuk Bent Eyeliner Brush $5.79
This is the prefect brush for eyeliners! Like nothing is better than this no matter what. If you are a beginner for eyeliners, this brush is good for you because it is so easy to control, Since it is bent, you don't have to worry about the brushes' handles to long to poke on your mirrors. This shape's brush is kinda hard to find because not every brand has this, and Sonia Kashuk offers a really good price for this!

Thanks for looking!

I want to tag a few ladies:
popblush from
Sarah S. from
Lena from
of course if you are interested, feel free to do this tag :) just don't forget to leave a comment below to tell me because I want to read everybody's :)

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