Monday, November 14, 2011

SHISEIDO Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio YE 406 Tropicalia Swatches, Pictures & Review

This is something people don't talk about it that much. I didn't even know Shiseido does makeup(I thought they only do skincare...Shame on me LOL!). I used to be a smokey eyes eyevery day kinda girl. So I don't really use Asian eyeshadows because most of them looks over sparkle and lacking of pigmentation(maybe you call it "natural"? LOL). Anyway since I tried Clé de Peau eyeshadows, I am really impressed with those Highend Asian shadows! So this is my another try of Asian brand shadows. I bought @ Sephora. The price is $33 for 3g. I think it is pricey, so I waited til the 20% off sale.

I picked out the most colorful one from this collection. They are definitely not some over pigmented eyeshadows like Urban Decay, but they still have good pigmentation in them.  I like the finish on these shades. They are shimmery, but not like most of the Asian shadows that have way much sparkles. The texture is really creamy and smooth. I think they definitely worth the money. I have no complain about these shadows, I will definitely get some more later.

The packaging looks like Clé de Peau shadows, but a lot lighter.

The finish is really nice so the pink color won't make your eyes look puff. I used Teddy bear from Too Faced on the crease. I applied with sponge applicator by the way.

Thanks For Looking!

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