Sunday, November 06, 2011

Nars Duo Eyeshadow Mandchourie Swatches & Review

This is the new duo for this holiday season. I picked this up because I love blue eyeshadows (@Sephora for $33). The colors are described as gold-infused denim and rich navy. To me, the color on the left is more like a gold shimmery grey-ish blue, and the color on the right is just a black-ish navy blue color. I think the color on the left is really unique, love it!

Without Flash

I find the shimmer color is a little bit hard to blend because if you blend out too much, the shimmer will look dirty. The navy color is just super matte and pretty. I have something that really close to this color but not exactly the same. The last long as any other Nars Duo. Overall if you like blue eyeshadow, this is definitely some thing you need to check out.

Without Flash, day time
Shimmer color all over the lid up to the crease, and navy color as eyeliner.

With Flash, night time
I covered my lids with the navy color to give out a more smokey look. I used the peach-fuzz from Too Faced.

Without Flash, day time
I used a cool tone blush to complement with the cool blue color. Love it!

Thanks For Looking!
I decided to re-swatch some of the duos I have because I didn't swatch them under the natural light. I don't have quite much of the NARS duo but I have been collecting then for a little while! So I think they deserve better swatches LOL.

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