Wednesday, November 09, 2011

MAC Paint Pot Soft Ochre Swatches, Review & Pictures

As a starter MAC fan, I think I should as least have one paint pot. I pick out the Soft Ochre a while ago and I have been using it since then. This color is exactly my skin tone color which is not something I expected before. I saw a few swatches and I just pick out the one that looks like my skin color. I got online for $17.5.

Three words - I love this! I used this after TFSI and there is mo crease or anything. It helps my eyeshadow color show up more pigmented and pop! But at the same time I find that the colors are a little bit hard to blend.
Another thing is, this is a really good concealer for me. I had that idea when the first time I saw the color!  I don't know if you can use this other than eye area but I am using it anyway LOL. I don't use it under my eyes but I use is around my nose area and lip area. Because I am using a beige color foundation(pink undertone) so I think a yellow based concealer would even out the pink-ish. I am quite confused if I am doing it right. But since I am neutral, and I am using more pink tone foundation, so I suppose I need to use a yellow undertone concealer? The fact is it does look better than any other concealer I used before.
I am thinking about getting another color now :) Hope they don't try out too quick!

I have a simple size of Stila Prime Pot in Taffy. I feel the texture is more creamy but they both work very well as a color primer.

Thanks For Looking!

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