Friday, November 11, 2011

MAC Angel Flame Eyeshadow Quad Swatches, Pictures & Review

I got this because I saw Christine from Temptelia did some swatches for this quad... absolutely pretty! I didn't get it right away because I wasn't into MAC until recently.  I think the color combination is just unique, and I am sucker of orange gold color! By the way, this is also my first quad from MAC! I got at Nordstrom for $38. It says it is limited edition but I can still get it, so I guess not too many people were interested in all the colors.

With flash

Without flash

Chamomile: this is a milky- yellow satin color. It is supposed to be the highlight color. It looks natural when you put on.

Angel Flame: out of the four colors, I was most interested in this color but now this is the color I am most disappointed with. It is supposed to be a orange peachy color with gold shimmer, but this is just not pigmented at all! First I thought this color maybe just too close to my skin tone? I tried to swatch more than one time, but it still just really sheer(My camera won't even focus). You can only see some gold shimmer in it.
Fortunately, it doesn't look too too bad on my eyes, but still! I wish this color could be more pigmented!

Feather Pink: This color is a really soft  cool-tone baby pink. I wasn't expecting this color look good on me, but I guess since the color is not too red pink-ish, it looks better than I thought!

Gravel is a blue-purple undertone black. This color is not pigmented, just like Angel Flame. But it looks ok when I used this as eyeliner color.

Overall I don't think you need this quad. The texture of these colors remind me sone Asian eyeshadows but with out the super sparkle shimmers. I guess they try to give you a wash off colors payoffs ? Or they are just not pigmented I don't know LOL. They feel a little bit chalky, but once you use good brushes to apply them, it wouldn't be a problem.

I layered about 5 layer of Angle Flame(geeeee the color is just so pretty! why can't they make it more pigmented!), I used Bobbi Brown Gel Liner lined out my eyes, and I just patted a thin layer of Gravel. 

Thanks For Looking!
I have been testing out my logos. Excuse the differences if it bothers you.

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