Saturday, November 05, 2011

Hourglass Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo Exhibition Swatches, Pictures, & Review

I've been wanting for Hourglass eyeshadow duos for a long time! 
The packaging is really fashionable. I thought it was really heavy, but it is actually kinda light. It has a mirror that you can twist 360 degree, which is really cool!

The color on the left is described as mauve shimmer, but I think it is more pink-ish than purple.
The color on the left is described as eggplant shimmer, but I feel like it has a little bit greey in it.

I love this duo... I think compare to NARS duos, these are 10000 times better! The texture is really creamy, and soft. When I swatched on my arm, it didn't feel chalky or anything like that. Of course they are really pigmented! This color combination is nothing crazy. You can create a really natural look with this, or go dramatic with this. They last crazy long with a primer.

Day Look: I used mauve shimmer all the way up to the brow bone, and eggplant shimmer all over the lids up to the crease.

Night Look: I used the eggplant shimmer color all the way above the crease. and lined my lowder lashline with eggplant shimmer.
- with flash -

 - with flash -

 - with flash -

The day look. I think I look mean with purple eyeshadows on! LOL.

Thank For Looking!

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