Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette & Too Faced Natural Eye Comparison

I want to do a another comparison between the Naked Palette(Review & Swatches) and the Natural Eye Palette(Review & Swatches).
For colors, I prefer Natural Eye Palette. I think most of the Naked Palette's eyeshadows are more "metallic", they are not naked at all. Natural Eye Palette has a little sponge applicator with a little angle brush on the other side. Naked Palette now has a flat shape shadow brush. For price, Naked Palette is about $48, Natural Eye Palette is $36. 
Over all I like Natural Eye Palette better because it it more natural, and every color is useful for everyday look(I feel like the shadows from Naked Palette are good for smoky eyes). I love Naked Palette too! But just for smokey looks.


Too Faced Natural Eye:

Urban Decay Naked Palette:

Size comparison:


- Heaven - Virgin -
Heaven is a milky matte white color, it is a little bit lighter than the normal highlighter color I use. It is really pigmented and really smooth. Virgin is a pearl white shimmer color. I use this for highlight most of the time. It is not as smooth as Heaven, but the sheen in this color makes it look a lot wearable. I have this color in another UD palette, but that one's powder feel looser than this one... I don't know why it is the same color but different texture.

- Velvet Revolver - Naked -
These two colors are all matte. Naked is a little bit darker than Velvet Revolver.  I use Naked for the end of my eyebrows. Velvet Revolver is my skin color(or you can say...arm color LOL).

- Sexpresso - Darkhorse -
Sexpresso is a matte dark brown color. Darkhorse is a shimmer dark brown color that has a dark undertone. For me, Sexpresso is more wearable. I like to use it as a crease color.

- Silk Teddy - Sin - Toasted -
Silk Teddy and Sin are almost the same, but Silk Teddy is more pink-ish, Sin has more brown-ish. Toasted is a dark version of Silk Teddy.

- Erotica - Darkhorse - Creep -
Erotica is a brown- purple color with gold sheen. The gold sheen is really fine, and I love to use it for smokey eyes.Creep is a black color with silver shimmer. I really like Erotica.

- Nude Beach - Virgin - Sin -
Nude Beach has a lot of glitters in it. I don't like to use it for a base color because I don't have a glitter primer. I find you can't use a brush or the glitters gonna have a lot of fall off.

- Honey Pot - Half Baked - Smog -
I love Half Baked as a brown-ish gold color. From the swatches, Honey Pot and Half Baked look almost the same. But Half Baked is more gold and vibrant.

- Cocoa Puff - Darkhorse - Hustle -
Cocoa Puff is more brown and red-ish. I don't like Darkhorse and Hustle because they are just not as wearable as other colors to me.

Thanks For Looking!

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