Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TKB Trading China Jade, Verdigris gold, Strom Mica Reviews, Swatches & Pictures

I got some mica samples from TKB Trading long time ago. I was kinda into pressing the eyeshadows (haha I know I am weird LOL). I only ordered a little bit because I thought I wouldn't like them..
Well, I was wrong. I pressed them longggg time ago but never used them. Today I feit like I didn't have any new eyeshadows I wanted to try, so I remembered them... I swatched them first, they didn't look too good because they are straight mica. When I put on my eyes I was like... wow!

- China Jade, Verdigris gold, Strom Mica -

They look really pigmented on the eyelids, and they don't have any fall off. The only complain I have is they are a little bit hard to blend out. I think I am going to order some more, I tried those matte ones before, they are really hard to press, and they cracked in the pan (maybe that's because I put some other ingredients in it, I am not sure).

- China Jade, Verdigris gold, Strom Mica -

Thanks For Looking!

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