Thursday, October 20, 2011

SUQQU Holiday 2011 Limited Edition Christmas Collection Launch

Ok many of you may not know about this brand, Suqqu is a Japanese makeup brand which produces really high end quality makeup  (You know when I say high end, it doesn't mean anything like MAC, I am talking about reall high end brand LOL ).
You can rarely get them in the U.S. From what I know, there is only one online store that sells them for reasonable price and they don't sell the eyeshdaow quads! They mainly sell them in Japan, Thailand, and England. So recently I am making a group order on these products. 
I have several of their eyeshadow quads which I will review them...I don't know when ( I left in my parents' house which is far alway in China LOL).
This is their Holiday sets for this year, I was trying to phone order them from a UK store, they told me some people already pre-ordered them, so I can't order any for myself anymore, but I will keep looking for them :)
You can order them by phone but it costs about £60 to ship here.
SUQQU 2011 Christmas Makeup Kit A, £55
SUQQU Original Pouch A
SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow EX-05
SUQQU Eye Cream R (40g) 
SUQQU Eye Make-up Remover R
SUQQU 2011 Christmas Makeup Kit B, £55
 SUQQU Original Pouch A
SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow EX-06
SUQQU Eye Cream R
The SUQQU Eye Make-up Remover R 
SUQQU Christmas 2011 Hand and Body Care Kit, £55
SUQQU Hand Care Cream
SUQQU Body Care Milk 
SUQQU Original Pouch 

Thanks For Looking!

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