Friday, October 07, 2011

Revlon Diamond Lust Eyeshadow Celestial Silver & Night Sky Swatches, Pictures & Review

When this limited edition first came out, I thought the local drugstore didn't carry them. Yesterday I needed some cotton balls, so I went to Walgreens... I saw this limited collection! I pick out several items which I will show them later.

- Night Sky & Celestial Silver - (sorry about the sticky thing... I tried to clean them, but I made it worse)

- Night Sky & Celestial Silver -

- Night Sky -

- Celestial Silver -

- Night Sky - outer corner & lid -

How much: $4.99/ each
Where: Walgreens 
Amount: 0.8g


The good:
They contain a LOT of glitters! 
The bad:
Since I don't have something like glitter glue, they don't stick on very good. The black color contains black pigmentation, but the white one is just the glitters.

Compare to Chanel Long Wear Luminous Eyshadow
- MIRIFIQUE 85 (Review Here) - FANTASME 81 - Night Sky - Celestial Silver -

Here are all my Revlon eyeshdaows, I like them! I depotted them because I used to use them all the time.

- Black Galaxy - Violet Starlet- Vintage Lace - Riveria Blue -

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