Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recent Nail Designs

I am trying to post my nail designs monthly :) Later I will try to do it post by post...  I am just too lazy LOL!
Also, I will try to swatch all my polishes so I can have keep everything on record, and I will try to post more nail tutorials if I remember LOL. I used to do that but I got lazy recently!

This is a recent one. I created this for Halloween. The Mummy Nail :)

The basic one that everybody tried already - cute cow nails

City Night - I was gonna add some birds in the sky but I don't have a tinny brush! I need to order some nail brushes soon(I have been using every brush I can find in craft store...but not all of them are good for nails).

Another flower design - This one looks more vintage :)

I love polka dots!

Thanks For Looking!

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