Monday, October 03, 2011

Nars Single Eyeshadow Night Sun Swatches & Review

Night Sun is such a weird name...This eyeshadow is described as bright marigold with gold particles

 Without Primer - With Primer(UDPP)
How much: $8
Where: Sephora online
Amount: 3.5g

I know some people don't like the eyeshdaows that have some glitter (or partickles whatever you wanna call them), but it does not bother me.This shadow is not really pigmented, but good to be a highlight for my yellow-undertone skin(the picture below is I used this color as a highlight,  but since I took this picture at night, I used flash... The color looks a little bit too bright LOL). The bad thing is the particles do fallout on my face. 

 Used as highlight with flash


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