Friday, October 28, 2011

Nail Polish Swatches Round 1

I am trying to organizing all my polishes...yea I mean swatch all of them and keep they organized!
These are the polishes that I never swatched, or I swatched before but not good qualities. I ma still trying to figure out the best lighting, but so far I think using the flash is the best way to show the true colors(even better than natural sun light!).

I love this color because it is really pop! This is two coats.
Sally Hansen Caribbean Coral 36

I need more gold polishes...this is one of my favorite gold color I have in this collection. This color is not super pigmented, I applied about three coats.
Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure  310

This is a dark grey with a jelly finish. For this color you don't need to apply two coats.
 Sally Hansen Grey Area 330

Really pretty red with some gold shimmer. I applied three coats.
 O.P.I. Congeniality Is My Middle Name

This color is a really pretty sky blue. It is pigmented enough for only applying one coat.
Sally Hansen Blue Me Away 04

Bright orange with Creme finish. This color is not pigmented at all! I applied about four coats.
 Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up

Three coats. A metallic silver with a lot of micro shimmer. The texture is not as good as the same color I have from Revlon.
 Debarah Lippmann Stardust

I don't like the texture, and the brush sucks. I got this one on sale so I guess no complain LOL. Three coats. Black under color with a lot of micro glitter(green, red, and gold).
 Sephora by O.P.I. Absinthe Makes The Heart

I love this color as a top color. It has different shapes of silver glitters in it.  You can definitely build up the glitter.
O.P.I. Crown Me Already 

Dark silver with a lot of shimmer! Two coats. Foil finish.
CHANEL Graphite 529

Thanks For Looking :):):)

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