Sunday, October 02, 2011

Monthly Nail Polish Swatches

I only got three nail polishes this month ( I know! Haha ), but I love all of them!
The first one is You Don't Know Jacques! from OPI 
This color used to be discontinued, but I found this at cosmetic market. It comes with a value set, so of course I have to get this LOL.

I like the color, but I am not too impressed by the texture. I started likeing OPI about two years ago, but since last year, I feel like the texture is getting worse and worse...they don't last that long any more and come off so easy!

Stranger Tides by OPI

Tree Hugger (651) by China Glaze
This is my second China Glaze bottle, but I am totally in love with China Glaze nail polishes! I only need to apply one coat and they can last a whole week!

Thanks For Looking!


  1. I love these! I'm always looking for a perfect lime, so I'll have to check out the China Glaze color (did it stain? I've had too many lime polishes stain my nails :( ) I currently have Stranger Tides on my toes, but I prefer it on my fingers. You don't know Jacques is like the prototypical taupe-greige polish. Is it discontinued? That is so evil.

  2. I have a friend she was trying to You don't know Jacques for a log time. She told me is discontinued...

    I dont think this lime color stain but I always use two base coat...I don't know if that helps.

  3. I really should use a basecoat but I'm guilty of skipping that step ^.^;;


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