Friday, October 14, 2011

MAC Semi-Precious Crystal Pink Mineralize Skinfinish Review, Photos & Swatches/ A big thank you!

First! A big THANK YOU to Sarah.S! She give me a Liebster Blog Award! This is my first blog award ever! I am so happy and excited! She is such a sweet lady, so hope you guys  will go check her blog out <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I've being blogging for 4 months now, but I didn't gain many followers because I don't like to go to another person's blog and leave some useless comment to bag them to check my blog out. I believe if you truly like my blog you will follow me :) Also, I don't really believe in "give away" to gain followers (but I believe I will do one when I have more followers:) ) Well, I do blog just because I love blogging, and as a house wife, I really have nothing else to do except getting on the computer all the time LOL.


OK, Let's go back to the topic -
I got this a while ago when the Semi- Precious collection came out. I never had a Mineralize Skinfinish before (Yea I wasn't a MAC fan...mmm) When I first got this, I didn't even know what is this for...

How much: $28
Where: MAC counter
Amount: 6.5g


The good: 

I use this more like a highlight.  Normally I use a matte highlight under my eye just because I don't want my face to look too shiny. I used to love over-shimmery highlight and contour color, but every time I took pictures or something my face looked so shiny even I am dry skin...I have to say this highlight doesn't give me that trouble for some reason. I use my face brush just layer a really thin layer under my eye area,  then it gives my under eye area a really really beautiful sheen, and it looks really natural! It lasts about 8 hrs, which is good for a highlight. 

The bad:
I can't use the two color separately..the pink color doesn't show up on my face, and the glittery color is too much for me.

 - outter - inner - mix -

I blushed my cheeks a little bit heavier just you can see the result :)

Thanks For Looking!

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