Thursday, October 13, 2011

MAC 234 Split Fibre Eye Blending Brush Review & Pictures

This brush came out with MAC Semi Precious Collection. I only got this brush out of four. I think this brush looks pretty special because it is made by two kinds of material. 
The brush size is almost like MAC 217, but a little bit fluffier.You are supposed to use the darker side to apply colors, and the lighter side to blend. I am not too crazy about this brush because for me, the two sides are almost the same. After several washes the goal hair is getting fluffier and the tip of the synthetic side is turning blue. I have no idea why. I am pretty sure I am using a proper way to wash all mu brushes, and all the other brushes are all fine. 

- the natural goat hair - good for apply color on the eyes -

- the synthetic fibres -  blend out the color -

MAC 226 - MAC 234 -

MAC 226 - MAC 234 -

MAC 226 - MAC 217 - MAC 234 - MAC 224 -

MAC 224 -  MAC 217 - MAC 226 - MAC 234 -

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