Friday, October 21, 2011

MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush Review & Pictures

Ok I am pretty sure the MAC store that I always go to is a pro store, even the store is called MAC not Mac Pro... because when I was researching this thing from the MAC website, this thing didn't show up LOL. But anyway....
I saw this from a Youtube video. The makeup artist used this fan brush to apply mascara for a Asian girl. She said this brush was really good for short lashes, because the shape of the brush makes it easy to reach the bottom of the lashes. Another thing is I've never seen a brush that looks like this! I tried this several times and I don't really use this any more. I do notice the difference between using this brush and without it, but the difference is not really obvious. It makes my lashes thick, but doesn't give me much curl. I don't remember how much I got, but I an sure this is pretty cheap. 

Thanks For Looking!

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