Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder Quartet Air Sensation -05 Soft White Review, Swatches & Pcitures

I got this loose powder in China about a year ago. Makeup is expensive there, but they have some high-end brand counter that we don't have in America.

I got the color in Soft White...Chines girls like to be pale, they don't sell those tan colors LOL. This is the tannest color I can find.

I don't use the puff thing. (I don't know why I never use this, but this puff got so dirty!)

The four colors mix together are supposed to make my face pale LOL (I don't want to be pale...I jsut want to look healthy ). I don't use the white color and the red color. Normally I use something to cover it when I apply. Because I figured my face has some redness, so the red color would make it worse. The white color is toooooo white, it makes me look sick.

Well, you can't tell a big difference between the four color when I swatch it. But when I applied different colors on my face, it does make a difference!

How much: $80
Where: Givenchy Counter
Amount: 20g


The good:
This thing is huge!  The BA from the counter told me this loose powder lasts about 2 years! I used mostly in the summer, but I found this powder does nothing except correcting colors. As I said I used the yellow & pink color to give my face a nice skin color 
 finish, it does the job. The powder has a flower smell. I don't know what kind of flower is that LOL. 

The bad:
It is not oil control. I can't use this for summer. It makes my foundation only lasts about two hrs! I tried this with BB cream, too. they last about three hrs... When I use this in Winter, it makes a huge a difference. It makes my face feel so smooth. I don't know if the weather helps, but my foundation does last a little bit longer with this loose powder. 
- With Revlon Age Defying Foundation -

Thanks For Looking!


  1. This looks so pretty, I especially like the "tattoo" -looking picture. Your skin looks so pretty and smooth in that last photo.


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