Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Elizabeth Arden Makeup Blender Brush Pictures & Review

This brush is one of the reasons that I am dare to try the beauty blender.... 
I got this last summer because I like the makeup sponge applicator from drug store (Yea... those really cheap angled ones!). This sponge costs $15, and I got it online. I really like the idea because I had the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge, and I broke it after about 1 month use. I thought this thing is smaller and more expensive so it would work better... 
I was wrong LOL. The sponge is really rough, and it is way too small for foundation. Plus I can't use it for anything else. The other thing is this brush makes my foundation looks so cakey....And!!The most important reason is, this brush is in no way I can wash it! The sponge is super dense. When I dipped in the soap, I can barely squeeze out the left over foundation inside of the sponge. I can't be rough with it because I am afraid to make the holes on the sponge rough and big! Even I washed gently, after about two times of wash the sponge is going out of shape. It doesn't look as smooth as before. So I stopped using this. Recently I gave it another try, but I got the same result.
I don't like this!!

Thanks For Looking!(I changed the picture size, I think it fits better :) Do you like it??)

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