Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dior 5 Couleurs Palette Fards À Paupières 173 Night Butterfly Review,Pictures & Swatches

This is my first eyeshadow palette ever! I got this at Dior counter. This palette looks quite smokey, but actually you can use this for everyday look. I used this palette alone for almost two months, then I expand my eyeshadow collection. 

My cat loves purple LOL.

The light purple color is a matte color. The powder looks chalky, but actually it is really fine. The dark purple and the plum purple are really pigmented and they last pretty long. I don't use the gray color that much. Sometimes darken the outer corner for a smokey eye look. I don't like the black glitter liner color at all! My eyes are really sensitive that I can't even wear circle lens. The glitter got into my eyes all the time just makes my eyes feel super uncomfortable. Over all I like this palette because purple can never go wrong. I don't use this that often any more, but I want to use this palette to create a vintage, wearable look.

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