Monday, October 17, 2011

Bourjois Suivez mon regard Multi Shimmer Loose Eye Shadow 08 Bleu Insolite Swatches, Pictures, & Review

I am trying to review some old stuff that I am in love with. This is one of them!
I got this a years ago from Bourjois counter in China. Bourjois is a brand that owns by Chanel. Some people say Bourjois was made in the same factory as Chanel. I don't know if that is true, but it you want to find some Chanel dupes, Bourjois is the first brand to try. You can tell I took off the sticker thing on the bottle LOL.
I got this because it looks so pretty! It is a loose eyeshadow, more like a white with blue and purple shimmer. The thing is when you see the loose eyeshadow from the brush, you can only see some white powder, but when you dust on your body or apply on your eyelids, it is more just a super pretty blue sheen. I found some similar shades from TKB Trading, which is a online company selling cosmetic ingredients. 
The brush sucks..I have to use another flat brush to dip it in. I use this after some matte color to give the color a blue sheen, or dust on my body to spark. It lasts very long when I use it on my body, about 8+ hrs.

- blend out -

Thanks For Looking!

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