Tuesday, September 13, 2011

❤❤❤ Too Faced Liquif-Eye Collection Swatches & Pictures ❤❤❤

I got this when it was on sell for $25. I like this little palette because the colors are so pretty. This palette is mainly for eyeshadow - use - as - liquid eyeliner.

 The tip is like the Sephora one, but works better!

My favorite colors are the 1/2 steel magnolias! But sadly when I used it, the color did not look that pop.

I like the color combination in this little palette, but the colors are so hard to pick up by using a brush! The good thing is, I am allergic to most of these like liquid eye liner transformer thing, But this one works perfect for me. So I would definitely use this as a liquid eyeliner palette.


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