Friday, September 02, 2011

❤❤❤ NYX Nude on Nude (Eyeshadows) Swatches & Review (Picture Heavy!)❤❤❤

I got this because some people say this is the cheaper version of the Naked Palette. I used several times. Well, no... not really.

NYX Nude on Nude
Color Name:
Tequila sunrise, Martini, Blue Hawaiian, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, Green Iguana, apres Midori, Blue Lagoon, Purple Haze, Green Martini, Singapore Sling, and Espresso Martini.
Where to Buy:

I got my on another website fro cheaper price, but I cant remember ...
How to use:
Eyeshadows (and lip colors, too. But since I never used them so I wont review them.)

How Much:

Personal Requirements (my personal requirement for eye shadows): 

    Color pigmentation                 
   Color as described          
    Easy to blend                          
×    Longevity                               
×    Waterproof                             
    Crease proof                          
√    Skin care make up

×    Apply dry &wet               
Packaging                 good/good for traveling   

I love this color!

 This color is not pigmented...

Over all: 80/100
Compare to the Naked Palette, this palette has a wider color range and the colors are more "naked". They last pretty long with a eye primer. The colors' pay off not as good as naked palette, but definitely worth the money. If you are on a budget, this is a must have.If you have the naked palette already, then you can skip this.

Good value! Not quite as similar as the "Naked Palette", but if you dont have any natural eye color palette, then you should get this!

Thanks for looking !

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