Sunday, September 04, 2011

❤❤❤ NARS Night Series Palette Swatches & Review ❤❤❤

NARS Night Series Palette
Color Name:
Night Star, Night Clubbing, Night Flight,
Night Porter, Night Rider, and Night Breed.
How to use:
Eye shadows
How Much:
Personal Requirements (my personal requirement for eye shadows): 
    Color pigmentation                 
    Color as described       
    Easy to blend                          
√    Longevity                               
×    Waterproof                             
    Crease proof                          
√    Skin care make up
×    Apply dry &wet               
Packaging                 good/good for traveling

Over all: 80/100
The three darker shades are too similar.... It looks different from the pan but when I swatched them they look almost the same... The shadows are not creamy enough, but I dont know why they are still pretty pigmented.
I always want a NARS plaette...this is my first Nars Palette LOL

if you never had a NARS palette, this is a ok palette. If you have all the shades already, then skape it 

Thanks for looking !


  1. I was going to buy this but held back because I have Night Porter already.

  2. yea if I had any of these colors I would buy this


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