Thursday, September 01, 2011

Foundations - What You Need To Know About Foundations

I want to do series about how to apply makeup, but before that, I want to introduce about different kinds of makeup, makeup tools, and some other make up related products first.
If you have any questions or if you think something I said is wrong, please please leave a comment below or Email me :)
I will not recommend any brands, or any products in this series of posts.

Let's start with foundation ---
Well, foundation is not the first thing that you should put on for your face make up wise, but it is necessary for most of the people.
Foundation has so many knids. What I list below is just the basic :)

 1. Liquid foundation:
They are water based, mid coverage foundation.
Liquid foundation is good for dry skin (in general) because liquid foundation is water based, the foundation won't over dry your face. They last longer than powder foundation and cream foundation.
Recommendation: I think it is always good to have two shades of foundations. One is darker, the other one is lighter.
1) good for matching your skin tone. We all know sometimes we cant find the perfect match foundation with your skin tone, but you can use two shades to match your skin tone perfectly.
2) contour faces. Using two shades of foundation to contour your face will give you a more natural look
3) If you don't have trouble matching your skin tone. It is always good to have one shade for summer and one shade for winter.

2. Powder Foundation:
 you need to apply with sponge or some other make up tools.

straight powder:
Powder Foundation is good for oily skin (in general) because powder will help to absorb the extra oil . Powder foundation has light coverage, good for even out skin tone. Of course I am talking about if you don't have some "heavy damage‘ on your face. There are two kinds of powder foundations. One is just the regular powder foundation. The other one --- I consider compact foundation as powder foundation because they get the same result when you put on your face.
Only for super oily skin because I found some liquid foundations are good for oily skin, too.  Of course, not that many.
The other thing is, powder foundations will not last long. You always need to reapply every 4-6 hours based on the weather.

3. cream foundation:

Mousse foundation - I consider this as cream foundation because they are kinda creamy.
This is my favorite kind of foundation. They are good for dry and oily skin (in general), could last for a whole day and wont over dry your face or leave your face oily.
The other good thing is they will give you a heavier coverage (than other kinds of foundations) without using a concealer.
The bad part is some of the cream foundation is not creamy enough, so they are kinda just like a tinted moisturizer, wont give you any coverage.
Well, if the foundation is creamy enough, it is the perfect foundation for almost everybody, but if it is not creamy enough, I wouldn't recommend it.

Thanks for looking!

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