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❤❤❤ Hawaii Honeymoon ( Travel ) tip ❤❤❤

I love Hawaii!!!!

Yea last week my husband and I went to Hawaii for honeymoon. I just want to share some tips with all of you.
Before we went, I heard a lot of people talk about hawaii - "expensive to live", "nice weather", "island fever ", etc.
Well...not all those are truth.
If you have any questions about Hawaii vacation, please email me
My husband booked the trip online so I cant really tell you each activities costs, but I will give you a clue the about price range.

 Our Hotel is called Hawaii Prince Hotel, which is about $300 dollars a night. It is a little bot pricy, but! your window is face to the ocean, and it only takes about 5 mins to walk to the waikiki beach. So I think it is a good deal. (if you just want to hang out around waikiki beach, it is better for you to find one that is on waikiki beach, I am sure other hotels that are further are a lot cheaper, but also you might need to drive  to the beach )

First morning when we got there... This is the view outside of the window:

Poeple here are super nice!!! I thought where I live has the nicest people, but Hawaii even more. Almost everywhere we went, we could always meet some nice local people, and they wanted to be friends with you stuff like that.
There is a large amount of japanese people here. Not just local Japanese - American, but tourists. The hotel I live probably has about 80% that is Japanese tourists. Of course everywhere we went shopping, there are about 95% that is Japanese.

This time we chose three activities, helicopter tour, submarine, and a bus tour. Since I never got on helicopter or submarine, I cant say they are the best but I love them a lot!!!

The helicopter is fun because we saw the whole island from sky (^_^)v This is around $170 (I really don't remember exactly) per person.
Took from the helicopter:

amazing view!

Submarine (I really don't remember the price......I guess around $150 per person LOL):

Bus tour:
This one everybody should try it! It does not cost a lot of money to do (around $100), but this is a whole day activity. Basically you got on the bus, then drive around the while island, they stopped at nine places which is really cool.
took for the bus:

 This one looks fake!!LOL

We went to the Honolulu zoo, it is a super small zoo, but fun (around $15 per person)

the water is really clear, and does not have the nasty taste (≧∇≦)/
The only thing you need to pay attention is....sun brun!!!!!!!!
yes the weather there is not hot at all, but that does not mean you don't need sun scream..I went to the waikiki beach for 30 mins without suncream on, My whole body got tan so quick! The second time I stayed in the water with tanning lotion for about and hour and a half, I got a sun burn on my arm, but other parts are fine. My husband got sunburn that he could not even move his body....
My suggestion is go to beach every day but no more than 30 mins...reapply sunscream doesnot work all the time...

 they have everything.....! Louis Vuitton,  Chanel, even miumiu....(yea I dont live in a big city so we dont have that many fancy store SIGH ヽ(´ー`)┌) All the shooping places are located at waikiki, if you want to shop something cheaper, there is a mall called Ala Moana center, not far from the waikiki beach, they have from high end brand to like cheap stuff.
I got a Louis Vuitton travel bag. The special thing is they can print the hawaii sign(what ever its called lol)and your name initial on your name tag for free  (^▽^)

you can rent a car if you are above 21 (also you need to have car insurance), But if you dont want to drive around the island you don't need a car, they have everything you need in waikiki beach :)

Since most of the time we hang out at Waikiki beach area , the food is really expensive(tourist area is always expensive!). They have everything, but mainly are are Japanese food and American food. This is one called gyu kaku has some really awesome Japanese BBQ, if you want to go there , the cheapest time is lunch, $25 per person unlimited. During the might it is expensive, we spent $100 at night for two people. If they offer you a Gyu kaku card for $1, get it!! You will save more than $1.
There is a place called international market, they have some cheap Asian food, too.
of course, you can always find like cheesecake factory, subway, KFC - American stuff  (ーー;)
Try McDonalds breakfast! They offer rice! I think it is really cool because even in china they dont offer rice.

Yea, tour area is, everything. But once you are out of waikiki beach, everything is the same.
The only thing is expensive is the milk....
If you are local, you can get milk in walmart for about $5, I took this one in a ABC store in waikiki beach.
We looked some apartments there, the prices are cheaper than where I live, all around $800 per month.
Again, if you want to live here, it is possible!
Tax is 4%, cheaper than Tennessee (9.25%!stupid red neck)

Finding Job
easy for Asians (if you speak two languages you can definitely live there without any problem! )

They don't really have some honeymoon suites like Bali, but it is worth to go there for vacation :)

My gosh, I cried when we left LOL. I love there soooo much! We seriously think about moving there. It makes me so sad every time I go through all the pictures I took there :( 


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